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Do you have a thing against monsters killing our human population? Then join The MHW-The Monster Hunters of the World. But be warned: Some humans are half monsers...

Group Details

"Welcome to MHW headquarters-the place where any human, and every human, is welcome. Here-"

*Rips out sound box, and takes over the PA box*

"Wow i hate that pre-recorded message! It's so stupid and boring...Well anyway! Welcome to MHW! I'm Hawking Smith-The daughter to the crazy man that runs this place. I'm also Head Hunter, and the New Hunters trainer, so you'll report to me. [Hold on Hasten, i'll mention you soon!] Now my sister would like to say the rules here at MHW..."

"Hey guys, im Hasten Smith. I am incharge of putting teams together and out into the feild! Also, i will be helping Hawking in the training room. Now let me lay down some rules...

1. No godmodding!
2. No more than 7 skelly (A skelly is a character basically)
3. If you have more than one skelly, you must state who's POV your posting from about the post
4. Make this interesting! Fall in love, make an enemy, and even be a traitor!"

"Thank you!
-Hawking and Hasten Smith, signing off."

 (Group made by: Storm Harrow-Ride-Odair)

Do you have a disability and are proud? Are you not afraid to show yourself to the world? Then join my new group where you can talk about your 'powers' with others like you! (If you dont have a disability then please just spread the word!)

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