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The Proof of His Love

As teenagers, we have a rebellious spirit, at least I do. But why can't we use that instinct that would normally be bad, for good? Yes, we are Christian rebels fighting the ways of the world and trying to spread love, HIS LOVE! Please join if you want to join the fight, or if you want to know more. :-)

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As Christian rebels, we stand up for Christ, no matter what, and tell others of His love and let them know they have our support. I have been listening to some of the Beatles music lately and that has really got me thinking. Some people think that they are alone in this world without a single friend. Some don't know about Jesus at all. It is our responsibilty to spread the word because are we not the body of Christ (Romans 12:4-8)?  

 By the way, the group name came from a song "The Proof of your Love" by For King & Country. The song is very inspirational. Check it out. ;-)

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