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Figment Now, The World Later

This group is for the future authors on figment. People who are aspiring towards publication, but want a little peer support. It's a close community of people who just love writing, of any genre. Figment Now, The World Later is a chance to get your work read by people like you without getting mixed up in story swaps and popularity contests.

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The people in Figment Now, The World Later may be doing swaps and entering contests on the side, but this is a group aimed at giving writers the chance to get their work read, with out feeling like it's simply a return favor for a story swap. It's an opportunity to find out what is really thought of your work! Join our community of aspiring authors and get the feedback you're really looking for to get your work ready for the real world.

This group is carefully designed to help you make your work the best it is, and seperate your stories from the millions of others on Figment that are only for the contests. There's nothing wrong with a little competition, but sometimes they can overshadow the true purpose of writing.

Join us if you need some peer support, but you don't want to feel like you're only getting it in return for a swap.


  • Congratulations to Tullius, our new Moderator, and to S.C. Arlet, our not quite as new Administrator!


  • We may try hosting a review contest again later, but for now, it has been removed from the discussion page. :( The deadline of November Sixth passed, and no reviews were submitted, if you're interested, and would like us to try again, start a discussion, and tell us. Sorry for any inconvenience!

A little bit about our member books...

  • Please DO NOT add books or poems that you aren't serious about. If you'd like to get some feedback, great! If not, don't share it.
  • Not to sound cold, but this site is for people hoping one day to get their work published. We ask kindly for the member books to be reserved for ORIGINAL works only. This means no Fanfiction. I have nothing against it personally. It's a great way to write when all inspiration is lacking. But if you write amazing Fan-Ficiton and have yet to write something more, I challenge you to try today! You may not think you're capable, but you might surprise yourself!

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