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Liberation & Iron (Steampunk)

A culture that was once beautiful and prosperous is now corrupt and dying. Many factions struggle for control over the continent, but what agenda do you support? This is a Steampunk Roleplay.

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~Welcome to Ameris~

Where a man's dreams are only limited by his own imagination.

     This is a Steampunk Genre Roleplay. We accept any writers who are interested in becoming active players in the story of Liberation & Iron.

~The Laws of Ameris~

  1. The standard etiquette of Roleplay applies here.
  2. No God-modding.
  3. No Flame Wars.
  4. Please try and use correct spelling and grammar.
  5. Swearing and gore is allowed.
  6. Please, no sex or erotica. 
  7. The writing construct is classic, third-person. Write like you are filling the pages of a fantastic new book.
  8. Remember to use (OOC: ____) while speaking Out of Character.
  9. Enjoy the wonderful world of Ameris!

~ Ameris, a World at War~
     Ameris, a beautiful and prosperous nation, has fallen from the hands of providence. For the past 30 years, war has mercilessly ravaged the country as many factions have struggled to conquer Ameris.
     While caught in the midst of this chaos, the Amerisantis Government has tried to uphold order and protect its citizens. Now, the battle is knocking at your door!  
     What will you do? What faction will you support? Will you fight for your survival, will you fight for your country, will you fight for your own gain, or will you flee from what you fear most? 
      Your decision will change the fate of this once peaceful continent.

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