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Liberation & Iron (Steampunk)

A culture that was once beautiful and prosperous is now corrupt and dying. Many factions struggle for control over the continent, but what agenda do you support? This is a Steampunk Roleplay.

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Welcome to Ameris, Land of Invention! (Story/Skeleton/Rules)

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    ~ Welcome to Ameris ~

    Where a man's dreams are only limited by his own imagination.

         This is a Steampunk Genre Roleplay. We accept any writers who are interested in becoming active players in the story of Liberation & Iron.

    ~ The Laws of Ameris ~

    1. The standard etiquette of Roleplay applies here.
    2. No God-modding.
    3. No Flame Wars.
    4. Please try and use correct spelling and grammar.
    5. Swearing and gore is allowed.
    6. Please, no sex or erotica. 
    7. The writing construct is classic, third-person. Write like you are filling the pages of a fantastic new book.
    8. Remember to use (OOC: ____) while speaking Out of Character.
    9. Enjoy the wonderful world of Ameris!

    ~ Ameris, a World at War ~
         Ameris, a beautiful and prosperous nation, has fallen from the hands of providence. For the past 30 years, war has mercilessly ravaged the country as many factions have struggled to conquer Ameris.
         While caught in the midst of this chaos, the Amerisantis Government has tried to uphold order and protect its citizens. Now, the battle is knocking at your door!  
         What will you do? What faction will you support? Will you fight for your survival, will you fight for your country, will you fight for your own gain, or will you flee from what you fear most? 
          Your decision will change the fate of this once peaceful continent.
    ~ Amerisantis ID ~

         Well, since you are going to be spending a lot of time exploring the United Colonies of Ameris, it would be a smart idea for you to fill out the document below. It is called an Amerisantis ID. Please complete the document and post it in the comment section below.
    Name: (What is your character's name?)
    Alias: (Does your character have an alias or nickname?)
    Age: (How old is your character?)
    Gender: (What is your character's gender?)
    Species: (What is your character's species? It can be anything! Ameris is a diverse country.)
    Appearance: (What does your character look like? You can write a detailed description or post a picture.)
    Alignment: (Good, Neutral or Evil?)
    Class: (If you were selected to be a member of the team, what would you do for that team? Would you be a sniper or a swordsman? Would you be a heavy weapon's expert or an assassin?)
    Equipment: (What weapons, tools and armor does your character carry? Please limit yourself to a maximum of five.)
    Talents/Abilities: (What special abilities or talents does your character have? Please limit yourself to a maximum of three.)
    Biography: (Tell us about your character's background.)
    Power Chart: (Rank your attributes 1-10. Do not use more than 50 points, please.)
    STRENGTH: (How strong is your character?)
    SPEED: (How fast is your character?)
    ENDURANCE: (How tough is your character?)
    STEALTH: (How stealthy is your character?)
    INTELLIGENCE: (How smart is your character?)
    ENCHANTMENT: (How magical is your character?)
    ACCURACY: (How accurate is your character?)
    LUCK: (How lucky is your character?)

    ~ The United Colonies of Ameris ~
         Now that you have officially completed your Amerisantis ID, it would be helpful to you to have a map of the country. Unfortunately, there isn't a map available for you to view, so here is a list of a few key locations instead:
    To the North:
    1. Piston, Capitol of Ameris
    2. Gamble, City of Lights 
    3. The Ruins of Grandeur
    4. The High Cliffs
    5. The Snow-topped Mountains

    To the East: 

    1. Commerce, City of Merchants
    2. Stronghold, the Military Base
    3. Wonder, City of Entertainers
    4. Wisdom, City of Scholars
    5. Invention, City of Imagination
    6. The Isolated Forest
    7. The East Shore
    8. Artistry, the City of Crafts
    9. The Teeming Swamps

    To the West: 

    1. Sin, City of Crime
    2. Creation, City of Science
    3. Enchantment, City of Magic
    4. The Ivory Station
    5. The Deep Caves
    6. Atmosphere, City of Aeronautics

    To the South:

    1. Traverse, the City of Journeys
    2. Industry, the City of Machines
    3. The Dry Desert
    4. The Southern Shore


         We invite you to visit each colony and city, and enjoy your stay in Ameris! What you find here may entirely depend upon what you are seeking...


    ~ The Casualties of War ~

         Long ago, before the Ruspiantis military invaded, Ameris was a nation of peace. Abundantly blessed, the Amerisantis people lived in luxury and the country flourished happily. The nation's military strength increased, the country's arts and sciences advanced, and the continent's cultural influence expanded.

          Then, a neighboring country known as Ruspia invaded. Happiness became sorrow. Peace became warfare. The innocent became guilty. Lives were lost and blood was spilled. Cities were left in ruins, never to be rebuilt. After ten years of battling, the threat of Ruspia was crushed, and Ameris attempted to recover from the war...

          But the weakened Ruspiantis army allied with the foreign nations, Ludard and Cruxis. Now, the war has recommenced, and Ameris is barely holding its own ground. 


         Welcome to Ameris. You are now trapped in the midst of a war that is much larger than yourself... what will you do?

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    Name: Marcus Pan

    Alias: Pan
    Age: 20 Years
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Alignment: Neutral
    Class: Thief/Assassin
    Pan's Blade:
    Pan's Retractable Spear: 
    Pan's Dueling Pistols (He carries two of these):
    Pan's Sniper:
    Pan's Throwing Knives:
    • Masterful Thief: A master of the thieving arts, Pan is a naturally talented criminal. He is skilled at sleight of hand and he is also a smooth, cunning, manipulative and charismatic conversationalist. He can also move with incredible stealth and elegance, and has trained himself to be physically fit and flexible. 
    • Educated Assassin: having been trained in the assassin traditions, Pan is a lethal and efficient killer. Skilled with his trade, Pan can use his sniping rifle, dueling pistols and throwing knives with great accuracy. He is also highly efficient with his retractable spear and wrist-mounted blade.
    • Survivalist's Luck: Pan has lived as a nomad for the majority of his life and is a highly intelligent survivalist. He has supernatural luck and has narrowly avoided fate many times before. He is a hard man to keep down.
    • Born in Ruspia and lived there until he was 7
    • While in Ruspia, his parents (Both notorious thieves) taught him the family trade.
    • When he was 7, his parents were executed by the Ruspiasantis Government for their crimes.
    • After being orphaned, he illegally immigrated to Ameris and lived there as a thief.
    • When he was 15, he began working as a henchman-for-hire, and worked as an assassin and a burglar for wealthy clients. 
    • He was formally trained in the assassin traditions by Ronald Dukar, the infamous murderer who invented the wrist-mounted blade.
    • He now travels the world of Ameris in search of odd-jobs to perform and occasionally assists the war effort.
    • He does not align with Ruspia, nor does he align with Ameris.
    • He is a bit of a sociopath, but he is not maniacal.
    Power Chart: (Rank your attributes 1-10. Do not use more than 50 points, please.)
    SPEED: 6
    STEALTH: 10
    LUCK: 8
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    Name: Daniel Crow


    Alias: The Crow
    Age: 30
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Alignment: Good
    Class: Heavy Weapons Specialist
    Daniel's Machine Gun:
    Daniel's Grenade Launcher: 
    Daniel's Crossbow:
    Daniel's Ax:
    Daniel's Shotgun:
    Also, he carries a small concealed pistol, though he rarely ever uses it. (The pistol is featured in his description image)
    • Veteran's Edge: Due to his years of active duty military service, Daniel can think very quickly on the battlefield and is an excellent strategist. He is brave, witty, and battle-hardened. Warfare is familiar to him, and he is well trained in the weapons he chooses to carry with him. He still recalls all of his military training and is very knowledgeable in survival tactics and heavy weaponry.
    • Titanic Strength: Daniel is supernaturally strong and can carry more weight than most men. He also features a hefty amount of endurance, and is well-adapted to melee combat.
    • Hardened Gunsmith: After many years of working with the mechanisms of guns and other military technology, Daniel has learned to build, repair and maintain his tools with a high amount of skill.
    • Born an orphan
    • Raised in Piston City
    • Received a below-average education
    • Applied to join the Amerisantis Military, but was rejected for not having had high enough grades in school.
    • Refusing to be denied entry to the army, he reapplied repeatedly until he was accepted, proving that he could overcome his lower-class education.
    • Served in the military for ten years before withdrawing from active duty
    • Retired with honors at a young age
    • Now, lives a modest life and tries to help the war effort whenever he can
    • He has considered rejoining the military, but has decided that he is getting too old for that lifestyle
    • He had a wife and a newborn daughter, both were murdered by Ruspiasantis invaders.
    • He has let go of his grudge against the country, realizing that his hate for the people of Ruspia will only drive him to his death.
    • He is a bit aimless, but is hoping to find a strong purpose in life to guide his remaining years.
    Power Chart: (Rank your attributes 1-10. Do not use more than 50 points, please.)
    STRENGTH: 10
    SPEED: 5
    STEALTH: 3
    LUCK: 7
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    Name: Anfisa

    Alias: kid, pipsqueak, squirt, etc..
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Appearance: She's pretty short.
    Alignment: She's trying really hard to be good
    Class: Jack of all trades
    Utility belt
    Combat Knife
    1. Anfisa is very good with technology and mechanics. She can fix and modify weapons, intercept radio signals, and do all sorts of things. 
    2. Anfisa is very capable with explosives, whether induced by powder or wire.
    3. Anfisa is very good with smaller guns, like rifles and pistols. 
    Anfisa was born to an odd pair of parents. Her mother was an Amerisantis. Her father a Ruspiasantias. Her mother currently resides in a peaceful villa by the coast. Her father... He was a low ranking officer in the army of Ruspia. When Anfisa was 4 he was executed for committing treason against his country. Her mother remarried within the year to a well-off Amerisantis merchant, and they gave birth to a little boy. 14 years later, Anfisa is fighting against the tyrannical army her father once served in. However, the Amerisantis won't let her join them due to her lineage. So Anfisa fights in her own way, trying to be helpful, but more often than not annoying the crap out of all the officials. Anfisa is a little bit of a spaz. She has a unique sense of humor, she's a bit unorganized, prone to the occasional intense emotional outburst, and definitely not a proper lady. But her heart is truly in the right place. 
    Strength: 6
    Speed: 9
    Endurance: 10
    Stealth: 8
    Intelligence: 8
    Accuracy: 8
  • Image Icon-member Trina
    Name: MDU 19 B (Mobile Defensive Unit)
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Species: Robot
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Class: Gunslinger
    -Machine gun (connected to right shoulder)
    -Flamethrower (protracts from both wrists)
    -Gatling gun (connected to left shoulder)
    -Dart Gun (protracts from forehead)
    -Rocket Launcher (Has three in each leg)
    - MDU 19 B has a built in tracking system, which allows him to lock on to a trail using a sample of DNA, such as a strip of clothing or a strand of hair. It also allows him to lock on to a moving target while in battle.
    - MDU has a built in translator, so he is able to understand any language, and even decode some hidden messages. It is slightly malfunctioned, so it sometimes translates things like animal calls or the sound of other machinery.
    - He has a simple transform; when shutting down or needing to flee, he can compact into ball and roll away or protect himself, sort of like a porcupine.
    MDU 19 B was the second model of his type, just being tested to make sure he was fully functional. Being one of the newer models, he had a few glitches, and so was being planned to get recycled, but a young man bought him off of his inventor for several hundred pounds. He was used as a guard; the man was wealthy and selfish and had made a few enemies, but he didn't want his daughter to be involved, so he had MDU be her personal protector. The girl was the only thing that made the bot feel any sort of compassion, and she was almost more of a father than her own father. He was her playmate, and because of her he grew by fond of children. 
    When Ruspia invaded, the father of MDU's girl fled Ameris, giving a final goodbye and entrusting his daughter's life with him. For a while, he was able to protect the child, but when the Ruspians invaded the mansion and one was able to shut his power off, it was the last time he saw her face. A couple years passed. A young, teenage boy wandered into the ruins of the mansion and found him there, rusted and dormant. He flipped the switch back on, which was hidden under plates of armor on his back. MDU and the boy became friends, but MDU was hardened and knew that his girl died because of his mistakes. Eventually, the boy went off with his family, searching for a way to help them pay for their survival, and MDU was alone again.
    Having a strong will to help humanity, he began to serve as a protector for different towns. If a criminal came along, he would help put them to justice, and so he is known in many towns as somewhat of a hero to them.
    MDU 19 B was a misfunctioning model, so he has a bit of an off personality. His voice is usually deep and synthetic like a normal robot's, but his voice box was damaged in the war, so it sometimes switches tones and pitches, changing even to a woman's voice sometimes. His translator was never fully complete, so it translates languages along with animal sounds and the noises machinery makes; sometimes he will converse with creatures or machines, and grow bonds with some of his own weaponry, calling them his "friends." MDU has an intimidating appearance, but he is much like a child - one with a strong case of ADD.
    ~Power Chart~
    STRENGTH: 10
    SPEED: 4
    STEALTH: 2
    LUCK: 2
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    Name: Felicia Kenny Forster
    Alias: Fell
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Species: Hybrid
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Class: Savage
    -Bow and Arrows
    -Throwing knives
    -Brass Knuckles/Revolver/Knife
    -Fell's sense of smell is heightened, and she can tell bits of information about someone based on the taste of their blood. Opening her mouth while sniffing the air or smelling a drink can let her know if it is poisoned or if there are hostile people around.
    -Her memory is extremely good, almost photographic, and she can remember everything back to the day she was born.
    -Fell is acrobatic, flexible and agile. She can do a back handspring off the edge of a building and land onto the next one. She uses this most often to escape and dodge blows.
    Fell's parents were poor, starving scum who only met once in their life. She was conceived after their one night stand before her father promptly disappeared, probably never aware he even had a daughter. Her mother was irresponsible and in desperate need of money. She worked as a prostitute and, after giving birth to Fell, gave the child up to stranger on the street. The woman whom Felicia was given to worked as an experimental scientist at a low-budget lab on the bad side of the city where scum like her mother and father lived on the streets. The woman's name was Dr. Roesia Sinclaire. Her and a team of five other scientists worked on creating hybrids - creatures who had their human DNA mixed with the DNA of a different species.
    Dr. Sinclaire and her team had lucked out; they killed off a few of their failed experiments and they had run out of volunteers, since those who knew about the tests also knew about the dangers involved. They agreed not to tell of it, and used Fell as a new test subject, even though she was only a toddler by the time they began injecting her. The results showed up fast, and Felicia seemed to be a stable host for this new DNA. They had chosen to mix her DNA with that of a wolf's, since they hadn't had a chance to try it before, sticking mostly to rodents' DNA.
    They began mixing her hybrid DNA with the DNA of a feline as well, which is when things slowly started to go wrong. Her human characteristics were being rewritten with more animalistic behavior, and she starting attacking the lab workers, slaughtering a few. They finally let her free, not caring if she killed anyone of not, just that she wouldn't try to kill THEM.
    She did murder several people and consume them, most of them being guards or armed officials. After a while, it became a normal behavior, and she found a home in the abandoned chapel, spending her nights hunting down humans as food. Her insatiable hunger lingered in her thought a every waking moment, and caused her to become almost fully animalistic, if it were not for her ability to communicate and think reasonably.
    ~Power Chart~
    SPEED: 10
    STEALTH: 10
    LUCK: 3
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    Name: Lenora Salisbury
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Class: Mechanist/Doctor
    -Ray Gun
    -Lenora has a vast knowledge of the medical field as well as mechanical engineering. She can heal minor to serious injuries with the wide array of bandages and other medical tools in her trench coat. She can also fix and build machinery, but knows little about weaponry.
    -She has a strong intuition and follows her instincts more often than anything else. She is very analytical, but knows when her heart is leading her in the right direction. Sometimes she just "senses" things, and many times they have been proven correct.
    Lenora is very odd, but so are her parents. Her father is a scientist who was fired from his job after spilling gasoline and lighting fire to a General's beard. Her mother works at a perfume shop and sometimes serves at the Tavern. They sent their daughter to school when she was littler, but she was pulled out after an incident that involved hydrazine, nitric acid, and a pair of older boys. After that, she was home schooled, and she later taught herself mechanics using an old book she found in her father's attic library.
    Len was find of inventing things. She liked to take things apart and put them back together. Sometimes she would take apart the old grandfather clock and fix it again over and over until she could do it with her eyes closed. She created her own friends with gears and wheels, and eventually, she could make them talk to her. Lenora even invented different appliances that her parents could use around the house, like a vacuum cleaner that could clean all by itself, and a coat hanger that took your coat off for you.
    The rest of her life was rather uneventful, and she still lives with her parents to this day by the Eastern Shore.
    ~Power Chart~
    SPEED: 3
    STEALTH: 2
    LUCK: 9
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    Name: Lieutenant Colonel Adam Knight
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Class: Strategic Leader
    -Adam Knight is not only Lt. Colonel of the Amerisantis Army, but also the Chief Strategic Officer. He is very analytical and thorough when he thinks, and bases his actions and decisions on reason. It's almost as if he has an immediate "off" switch for his emotions, which can also make him seem cold or detached.
    -Knight is a skilled swordsman and as very good at hand-to-hand combat.
    -He has a charismatic attitude, but almost disregards those on the lower caste system.
    Adam Knightly was raised in a high class family. His father was a General of the army and knew the Commanding General very well, but he died when the Ruspians invaded. His mother died just from giving up. By that time, Adam was already in his twenties and training in the best Military school Ameris had to offer. He graduated at the top of his class and wasn't by looked among his peers because of his tendency to upstage them in front of not only instructors, but also other students.
    He knew everything there was to know about the Army and how to use a gun and whatnot, but what made him stand out was his charisma and strategic pattern of thought. Since he was only he child, he was sometimes called a prodigy due to his skill at the game chess. He could beat even his father's friends, who were high-ranking military officials. Once he had fully graduated, he was made the Chief Strategic Officer.
    Soon after, he was also promoted to Lieutenant Colonel, and has been working in the Citadel along with the other Generals and the Commanding General.
    ~Power Chart~
    STRENGTH: 10
    SPEED: 6
    STEALTH: 4
    LUCK: 3
  • Mulberry bush Icon-non-member Miss Gradfrad

    Name: Cecelia 

    Alias: "the Woman"
    Age: 24
    Gender: Female
    Species: Vampire
    Alignment: Neutral, with an inclination towards bad.
    Class: Temptress, seductress, shady lady of the night.
    Equipment: A pistol 
    A  rubber handled dagger, which can be charged with electricity 
     Walking stick (used for bludgeoning. She doesn't actually need a walking stick)
    1. Cecelia is a vampire, so she can walk on walls and ceilings and be completely unaffected by it's gravity.
    2. She can also turn into a bat.  
    3. Cecelia has semi-hypnotic eyes. Typically, they work better on young men.
    Biography: Cecelia was raised in Enchantment by very strict, very proper, very vampire parents. They were very protective of her, she being their only child. Also, she was not only a vampire, but a mage of dark magic as well. At the time of her birth and childhood, Ameris wasn't exactly known for being friendly to beings who could use magic. Whatever reasons her parents had, and whether or not they were justified, her strict upbringing backfired horribly. Cecelia ran away at age 17 to Sin City. She promptly fell in favor with one of the more successful local pimps, and has been working as a lady of the night ever since. She makes a good amount of money doing what she does. Cecelia has no qualms committing crimes, she has a very sharp and sarcastic sense of humor, and she has a very devious personality.
    Power Chart:
    SPEED: 7
    STEALTH: 8
    LUCK: 7
  • Rock runner cutie mark Icon-non-member AquaQuadrant

    Name: Sebastian Rowe

    Alias: 'The Mad Catter'
    Age: 29
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Appearance: Ignore the words. I made a version without the words, but for some reason I can't post it anywhere.
    Alignment: Good, but by evil means
    Class: Scientist, Mechanist
    Equipment: Ray Gun, strapped around his waist.
     Collapsible Cane, kept in his belt loop. Can be used as a bow staff.
    Spider Android, can be used for recon and simple tasks, tucked into boot.
    Sniper Rifle, carried in parts in a leather knapsack.
    Knapsack, filled with Rifle parts, tools, and spare pieces of machinery.
    1. Sebastian is very skilled in inventing medicines, formulas, and serums. Also good at building machines. 
    2. Sebastian's life saving machine has heightened his senses, as well as keep him alive.
    3. Sebastian is crazy. That could be considered an advantage or a disadvantage.
    Biography: Sebastian's parents were scientists. They often worked on new inventions for the army, improving on the current technology. His mother, Marina Rowe, was a strong willed, independent woman who was an active member of the scientific community. Her greatest invention was a vaccine against a form of cancer caused by the radioactive substances contained in most explosives. This was beneficial to soldiers, as many of them would become ill after years of fighting. Sebastian's father, Herald Rowe, was a quirky man, with an odd sense of humor and his own way of doing things. He taught Sebastian the basics of science, and the two were very close. 
    But one day, both of Sebastian's parents were killed in a cliche lab explosion. Sebastian was seven at the time. He fell on hard times, living in an orphanage where he was excluded and labeled as an oddball. Some even say he lost his sanity. Sebastian was adopted by an elderly scientist who knew his parents. He took Sebastian on as rather an apprentice than a son. He passed away a year later, though. Sebastian, not wanting to return to the orphanage since he was only thirteen, ran away.
    He met a scientist at the age thirteen. Her name was Dr. Sinclair, and she had been working on mutating humans with animal DNA. Sebastian was inexplicably drawn to the experiment, and began working with her as an assistant. It turned out that Sebastian was gifted in science, and he helped her greatly. But many of their test subjects died, until they found a little girl called Felicia. He helped with the experimentations, not feeling any remorse for their test subject.
    When Fell went on her rampage, Sebastian was badly injured internally. He now need the aid of a machine to survive, manually pumping his damaged heart. Nowadays, Sebastian works on his own experiments in solitude, trying to improve on mankind with dark methods.
    Power Chart: (Rank your attributes 1-10. Do not use more than 50 points, please.)
    SPEED: 7
    STEALTH: 10
    LUCK: 5

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