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Liberation & Iron (Steampunk)

A culture that was once beautiful and prosperous is now corrupt and dying. Many factions struggle for control over the continent, but what agenda do you support? This is a Steampunk Roleplay.

Discussion began on 11/02/2012

Welcome to Ameris, Land of Invention! (Story/Skeleton/Rules)

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    We sure do have a lot of characters for such a small group! Hahaha!

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    I'm new here so I'd be willing to take Harthia and Eziekiel if that's ok?

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    Aqua is fine with that. You can also create a character, if you'd like. We don't have any character limits, so you can play as as many roles as you can manage.

    Welcome! Glad to have you both with us.

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    Thanks i think i'll just stay with these two for now. To be honest I wasn't sure how much i'd be able to get on but I'll tyr my hardest. So I'm part of a task force does that mean I start in a specific area?

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    Ya, Tamara (the Task Force Leader) is situated in the High Cliffs right now. You can start there as well. The Task Force is hiding in the mountains.

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    Right, that's what I'll do then.

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    Name: Lucas Theodora 
    Alias: Inferno or Luke
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Species: Augment (An Augment is a human who has been genetically altered to have special powers that are based on the natural elements, like fire or ice.)
    Appearance: Lucas has two physical forms. 
    Casual Form - 
    In his casual form, has blonde hair and a lean frame. He is 5'5" and very toned. For clothing, Lucas wears a pair of fire-proof breeches. He rarely wears a shirt, but he does keep a winter trench coat with him in case of inclement weather. His eyes are constantly glowing with the fire captured within. 
    (Trench Coat)

    Ignited Form-
    When ignited, Lucas' entire body becomes engulfed in flames. His muscle tissue transforms into super-heated fire and flames pour from his eye sockets. 
    Alignment: Neutral
    Class: Scout
    Equipment: Besides his trench coat, Lucas carries no equipment. Everything that belongs to him has to be fireproof. 
    Natural Athlete: Lucas is naturally quick and agile. He is remarkably flexible and has the ability to sprint very quickly. His reflexes are surprisingly fast.
    Human Inferno: Due to his genetic augmentations, Lucas can generate fire from his body and transform his muscles into superheated flames or even magma. While transformed, Lucas has the ability to levitate and fly.
    Living Fire: Because of his unique genetic design, Lucas receives strength and energy from direct sunlight. While exposed to the heat waves of the sun, Lucas can quickly regenerate his wounds and he also experiences greater levels of endurance.

    Biography: Lucas has no memory whatsoever of his life. The scientists who created him abandoned him at the Ivory Station for reasons that are unknown. He does not even recall being augmented.
    Power Chart: (Rank your attributes 1-10. Do not use more than 50 points, please.)
    SPEED: 10
    STEALTH: 5
    ACCURACY: 10
    LUCK: 5

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    Name: Rith Teisarus
    Alias: Trigger
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Species: mainly human, but has some parts of his body that are mechanical- 75% human   25% mechanical body
    His left arm is mechanical- http://www.the-back-row.com/media/blogs/TBR/steampunkhand.jpg (keeps covered with jacket)
    These are the clothes he wears- http://northstarwear.webs.com/Brownsteamjacket.jpg (leaves jacket unbuttoned)
    Alignment: Usually neautral, but sides more often with good
    Class: Gun Mage
    1) Keen Eye- Rith is very good at observing something, and being able to pick up on how to do a task or particular action. While he does not excel compared to people in any particular area, and he even has his areas of weakness (such as his luck and stealth) he is moderately good at a multitude of things, allowing for well roundedness, a trait he has been required to use many a time.
    2) Magic Channeling- While he can use magic on its own, Rith has found that a better way for him to use magic is to channel it into an object. Using his guns that he always carries on him, he can use his magic like bullets, and fire off round after round of magical shots. While he has a range of flexibility with this magic, being able to use lightning, fire, ice, and many other types, his magic gets drained, and eventually he will have to stop in order to recharge and replenish himself.
    3) More of a physical skill, being reasonably stong, Rith has above average strength and endurance, which lets him pull of particular gymnastic moves as well as parkour elements. Though with a slightly lower speed, it slightly inhibits his ability to do these feats, he is reasonably good at them, and just like all his other skills he picked up and learned, is an integral part of his survival.
    Biography: Rith from the day he was born, had a rough and troubled past. His parents were both people from Sin City, and having him from the result of a one night stand, his mother was left to give birth to him. Rith's childhood was riddled with his mother's comments about never amounting to anything, even though at a young age he had an apptitude for being well rounded, he just never seemed to be highly talented at any one thing. Eventually his mother died, and using it as a distraction, escaped from the city riddled with crime.
    He moved to the nicer Wisdom City, and began looking for a way to make life better for himself. He was found to have an aptitude for channeling his magic into objects accidentally one day. They taught him quite a few things, but not showing enough skill, he was let go from the schooling he was recieving. With no family, money, or anything at all to his name here, Rith once again left, heading in seach of somewhere else to go.
    At the age of fifteen, he moved back into Sin City temporarily, and although his luck and stealth prevented him from stealing anything, he was able to overpower pickpockets and other criminals, beating many in fights in order to get his weaponry, equipment, and even his clothes. Building up a small reputation though, he skipped town before things got extremely out of hands, and he would have to deal with just angry pickpockets and cuthroat theives.
    At eighteen, with no direction and purpose in life, Rith chose to join the military, and went to the Stronghold Citadel to register. He worked with them for about six months, till one day he tried to bite off more than he could chew in a skirmish, losing his arm, and being blinded in his right eye. When he got back, the military decided to help him, and replaced his lost arm with a mechanical one, as well as his right eye. When he woke up from the procedure, although Rith was thankful, he didn't want to deal with this anymore, dissapearing and going AWOL.
    Now he travels, trying to keep a low key, knowing that anywhere he could be found to be brought back to the Citadel or Sin City, and face punishments that may very well end his life.
    Power Chart: (Rank your attributes 1-10. Do not use more than 50 points, please.)
    SPEED: 6
    STEALTH: 4
    LUCK: 5
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    Excellent character, Skytop. Post whenever! 


    @Ashlyn, once the Pirate Sisters begin posting you can join their crew. They have yet to post though, since both writers were on vacation.

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