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Liberation & Iron (Steampunk)

A culture that was once beautiful and prosperous is now corrupt and dying. Many factions struggle for control over the continent, but what agenda do you support? This is a Steampunk Roleplay.

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Welcome to Ameris, Land of Invention! (Story/Skeleton/Rules)

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    (I think 15 would be a bit young for Corliss and Victoria to accept her as part of their crew)

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    Name: Mira Teisarus
    Alias: none
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female 
    Species: Human
    Alignment: Good
    Class: Mage Assasin
    3&4) Dual Gunblades-
    1) Magic Channeling- Like Rith, Mira can also channel magic into her weapons, as well as use magic on its own. Her strongest suited skill of magic channeling though, comes in the form of assasination type weapons. She can infuse her magic into her crossbow arrows for example, and shoot something or someone, and send volts of electricity though them. She also requires recharging time once she has used up a lot of magic.
    2) More of a physical skill, while Mira doesn't have high strength, her endurance and speed still allow her to perform particular gymnastic moves as well as parkour elements. Though with a below average strength, it can lower her ability to do these feats, as several times she won't have the strength to support herself, or if someone stronger than her knocks her off balance, it makes it more difficult to recover and land safely.
    3) With her natural charm as well as a reasonable wit, she is capable of high levels of speech. While she may not be on par with an intellectual thinker, she does have enough capacity that she can understand most things that are happening, sweet talk multitudes of people, and win many a debate with her elegant words. Her charm and words have also been known to attract quite a bit of male attention.
    Biography: Unlike Rith, Mira grew up a lot differently. The man who had been with Rith's mother in Sin City, left and moved out to Piston City in order to make a living stealing from the aristocracy. One night, Mira's mother was on a late night stroll, when the man decided to jump her. He took what money she had on her, beat her, and not having enough with that, decided to rape her. She was taken to a hospital and treated. Upon the day of her release, she was notified that she was pregnant. Many of her friends told her to abort the child, but she decided not to.
    Mira was born shortly thereafter, and the start of her life, until she turned sixteen, was in Piston City. Her mother raised her well, got her into a good school, and her mind grew rapidly. She had continuously good scores in classes, and showed great apptitude in being a scholar. When she became older, the school she was attending reccomended going to Wisdom City in order to learn more, and get a better education than what could be provided here.
    Doing so, she moved out of Piston City, and absolutely loved it in Wisdom City. After a year though, she one day overheard teachers talking about how she was much brighter and showed more promise than "that Rith boy with the same last name". Never knowing she had any other family, she grew curious. Upon asking about him, the teachers said the boy was most likely "living back in the filth city he came from, or dead". Frustrated by how they could say such things, she left, and with a feeling in her gut that he wasn't dead, headed to Sin City.
    When she got there, Mira saw how different things were. Seeing the situation this boy grew up in made her heart ache, and she decided then and there that she would find Rith, and bring him back to Piston City so he could live a better life. Her search took some time, the people not wanting to give her any details right off the bat. However, once she formulated plans and used her words and charm to her advantage, she was able to get what she was looking for. However, she had missed him by several days, and with no idea where he would be now, chose to take a rest from her search, and go somewhere else.
    After leaving Sin City, she moved to Enchantment City, deciding to take some time to enhance her magic channeling. Spending slightly over a year here, she learned a lot, and her control over her powers became exceptional. She made friends with a girl sorceress there, Ari, who specialized in making weapons with her magic. The day she left, she explained to Ari that she was searching for this Rith person, and that he was someone important she needed to find. Ari didn't want Mira to go without some form of additional protection, and so made her special weapons that she could use on her journey.
    After leaving Enchantment City and the academy behind, Mira started looking for leads. While she has no idea where Rith may be, she plans to search for him for as long as it takes.
    Power Chart: (Rank your attributes 1-10. Do not use more than 50 points, please.)
    SPEED: 7
    STEALTH: 9
    LUCK: 3
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    Looks epic :D

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    Okay, this is way overdue, but here it is.
    Name: Zjarr Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Species: Fire mage

    Alignment: Ruspia
    Class: Soldier, Mage
    Note: Being a part of Ruspia's magical task force, most of Zjarr's weapons are tailored for stealth, which means he doesn't carry heavy weaponry.
    1. Pistol

    2. Knife

    3. Sniper rifle

    4. Dart Gun.

    5. Jetpack. Seen in discription


    1. Human Generator- Zjarr can create fire and maintain it as long as he is strong. This power, which he was born with, allows him to shoot fireballs, manipulate existing fire, ect. He is also immune to fire. (I know I said he wasn't, but haters gonna hate.) 
    2. Quick Reflexes- Zjarr, being ADHD, can never sit still. He can react quickly to almost any situation, and his mind is constantly racing with possible outcomes and ideas. When surprised, he will react swiftly and probably burn down the building. Sneaking up on him is not advised.

    Biography: Zjarr was a troubled kid. His family immigrated to Ruspai, and his father became a soldier. He was rarely home. His mother worked double shifts to support her five children. Zjarr became a problem straight away. He was constanly being punished at school for disobedience, not paying attention, and having an attitude. His mother was too busy to deal with it, and Zjarr's dad was never around. So eventually, the city decided he was going to become a criminal if something wasn't done, and they sent him to military school at age twelve.
    Once at the academy, Zjarr underwent a remarkable change. He became a disciplined student who showed great promise. But he had a secret. Zjarr had discovered his power over fire when he was nine, but had hidden it out of fear. At age fourteen, during Zjarr's final assessment for the year, he lost his cool.

    Long story short, Zjarr burned down a government building, got expelled, and was sentenced to reform school. And in Ruspia, reform school means coal mines.
    But suddenly, Zjarr was swept away from school by a general who recognized his potential.
    After much debate, as mages were unpopular with the military, Zjarr began training. Six years later, he's hiding out in the mountains. Go figure.

    Power Chart:

    Strength: 8

    Speed: 8

    Endurance: 7

    Stealth: 6

    Intelligence: 5


    Accuracy: 5

    Luck: 5

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    I'll try to get bios up for Phineas and Jasper within the week. Then I'll post in the cliffs, react to the bombing, and attack where all the important folks are.

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    Name: Phineas

    Age: 23

    Gender: Male

    Species: Human (Seer)


    Alignment: Ruspia

    Class: Psychic


    1. Handgun


    2. Dagger


    1. Inner Eye: Phineas is able to see into the near future (within the year). He is also able to see events taking place in another location at the moment. Using his gift, he is able to locate anyone or anything, unless they are in some other wordly realm. Phineas can look at a person and be able to tell what they last ate, their favorite color, their shoe size, and any other random unimportant fact, just by making eye contact.

    2. Involuntary Vision: Sometimes, Phineas is sent a vision of the distant future, or the past. These visions come without warning, and can be very painful. The events shown are usually of significant importance. After one of these fits, Phineas is physically and mentally drained.

    Biography: Phineas was born and raised in Angloris (spelling?). His parents, wealthy buisness people, immediately realized their son was a Seer. Recognizing the danger that came with these powers, Phineas's parents hid him away from the world, keeping him inside their manor 24/7. Phineas studied with a personal tutor, and was always treated well. But he could tell how uneasy everyone was about him. The first time he had a vision, at age eleven, his parents told him to ignore it. But he couldn't.

    The vision foretold the destruction of a major bridge that would kill hundreds of people. He kept telling his parents to do something, but they didn't. On the day the bridge was destined to be destroyed, four years later, Phineas ran away from home to try and stop it. But no one would listen to a fifteen year old kid with a ridiculous notion that the bridge would blow up. But blow up it did. Suddenly, the government saw Phineas as a suspect. They thought he had helped planted the bomb, but then had second thoughts and tried to stop it. After all, how else could he know about it unless he put it there?

    Phineas barely escaped the authorities and, over the course of a year, was able to flee the country. The Ruspian government had heard about the incident, of course, but they thought that Phineas was more than a juvenile bomber. They picked him up off the streets and got him to confess his powers. They offered to train him for their cause. At first, Phineas refused, as he was loyal to his home country. But when they threatened to hand him over as a fugitive, he agreed.

    Phineas has a cynical sense of humor, and his outlook on life is bleak. He doesn't like making friends or working with others, but he knows when to shut up and pay attention. Phineas is quite capable in self defense, though he isn't trained for the frontlines of war. Most of his trained meant learning to control his powers. His skill level, as a fighter, could be easily outmatched.

    Power Chart:

    Strength: 4

    Speed: 5

    Endurance: 5

    Stealth:  7

    Intelligence: 9

    Enchantment: 10

    Accuracy: 6

    Luck: 4

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    Since Rhys doesn't seem to be with us right now, I'll take Ezekial and Svelka. Lol

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    Name: Erithril Skarrgor

    Alias: Druk' Ve, The Reaper, The King

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Species: Mypogora (Being of Pure Energy)



     Erithril's True Form

    True Form


    Alignment: Chaotic Evil

    Class: Bad Wolf (Time Mage)




    Necromancer Hat: He earned this hat when he successfully reanimated a corpse in Sin City.


    Pocketwatch: A watch of his own design that allows him to look into time and space on a full moon.

    Combustion Blade: This sword funnels energy down the blade, turning it hotter than the core of the sun. The Energy Gauntlet creates a containment field around it so the earth doesn't, you know, explode.

    Dead Man's Cloak: Received this after brutally slaughtering a Mage and his family that stood in the way of his followers. Imbued with strong containment magic.


    Energy Gauntlet: A piece of machinery that is hardwired into Erithril's arm. It lets him have more control over his telekinesis and his natural energy magic.



    1. Telekinesis: Erithril can influence the physical world with his mind, as well as alter the minds of those with a weak resolve. The older he gets, the stronger his influence and power.

    2. Phasing: Being made of pure energy, Erithril can phase through solid objects and have objects phase through him. In this state, he almost ceases to exist and passes through into the astral plain, becoming a non-physical entity. Phasing reduces his power drastically, as he is using his body as a fuel.

    3. Bad Wolf:  In the uninterrupted light of a Harvest Moon, He can look into all of time and space. He can use this energy to alter the flow and perception of time, as well as glean certain events from the future and look back anywhere or anytime in the past. He can only do this with the assistance of his pocket watch. He has no control over what he will see from the future, if it will be helpful, or even if it will be about him.


    Biography: Erithril was raised in Wisdom, where he received the vast majority of his education. He was a prodigy among his peers and was loved by everyone. He did not know where he came from, as he was found on the street, abandoned. He quickly became one of the greatest minds to ever develop in the city. After a life of learning and working in the various cities of intelligence, and a life of learning about the atrocities of Ameris, he grew to hate the world and what it would become. He became hell bent on destroying it. He soon traveled to Sin City and picked up a following, moving from city to city to initiate members into his new cult, Havok Omega. Their mission in the world is to destroy everything they can, no matter the cost.



    STRENGTH:  8

    SPEED: 3


    STEALTH: 10




    LUCK: 0

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    Hey Nikita! Great to have you. Let's take a moment to talk about your character really quickly:


    First, some constructive criticism: 

    1. I'd advise you to limit his telekenetic influence over others to "weak-minded people", that way characters who are playing with you have the opportunity to avoid his mind control.
    2. I think Erithril might need a few weaknesses. For every power you post, make you sure you write a little comment about its limitations and weaknesses. Telekenesis, phasing and bad wolf are all awesome powers, but they have the potential to be too powerful, which would make it unfair for others who are playing. We want to make sure that everyone has a slight fighting chance against other characters :) For example, perhaps  he can only phase for a limited amount of time? And while he's phased, he can't perform physical attacks? That way, we don't have to worry about him achieving a God-type status. 
    3. I would limit his ability to look into the future. If he can see everything thats gonna happen, it kind of makes it hard for there to be any surprises in the story and it prevents anyone who is fighting him from landing any attacks (cause he can see it before it comes). I'd also make it so he has to focus to do this technique, so that it adds a little bit of a challenge to this situation. If he's distracted, it negates his ability. 
    Now for the things that I liked!
    1. I really like the fact that you stepped outside of the "norm" and chose a character that seems very mysterious and alien.
    2. I really like the fact that you explored the concept of time control. It will be neat to play around with.
    3. I love your design. I think its really cool how you set up the items to have very intricate stories.
    4. I like your story. With another faction added into the mix, it will be cool to see how he interacts with the warring factions.
  • Beach Icon-member Nikita Angelo

    Alright, I altered it now. Better?



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