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Footprints is a series of writing contests where you can create and develop your characters over time.

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Footprints is a series a contests that helps you create and develop your characters. In order to participate, you must have a character to start with. This character is completely up to you! They can be based off of any kind of writing. The best part? They get to travel with you throughout your time in the contest.

Each week a prompt will be put up which you must complete. This prompt must be based off of your character. This contest lasts for five weeks with a total of five prompts. Prompts are constructed specifically to let you get to know your character more. You must post your writing prompt on your profile, and tag it with "footprintsprompts" in order for it to be read. Prompts posted on this group will not be counted for.

Unlike other contests, Footprints does not do eliminations each week. As long as you enter something for each prompt, you will stay in the contest. However, only one winner can be pronounced at the end of the  five weeks. This winner will be decided on two things:

  • The total of real hearts you can get for your all of your prompts
  • Voting done by three judges.

 The amount of hearts you manage to get for your  writing, however, does not automatically make you winner. If you manage to get the most hearts in all at the end, this will make us really look into your writing to see what it's really all about, but will not guarantee your victory. 

Prizes will be decided once all spots are taken.

If you're interested in trying out for season one of Footprints, please post in our "Tryouts" forum. We will send you the application. 

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