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The Figment Book Club: The Notebook

Figment is starting a book club, and we've chosen to read Nicholas Sparks's "The Notebook" in honor of its 15th anniversary!

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Here’s how the club will work: every Monday for the next three weeks (Oct. 17th, Oct. 24th, and Oct. 31st), we meet here, in this group, from 6–8 p.m. EDT for a Fig-tastic discussion about the The Notebook’s plot, characters, devices, pop culture associations, movie adaptations . . . you name it!

On Monday, October 17th we’ll discuss the following chapters: “Miracles,” “Ghosts,” and “Reunion.” (78 pages)

On Monday, Octover 24th we’ll discuss the following chapters: “Phone Calls,” “Kayaks and Forgotten Dreams,” “Moving Water,” “Swans and Storms,” “Courtrooms,” “An Unexpected Visitor,” and “Crossroads.” (61 pages)

On Monday October 31st we’ll discuss the following chapters: “A Letter from Yesterday” and “Winter for Two.” (68 pages)

Start now, and you’ll be ready to join the big Twitter party that Sparks’s publisher, Grand Central, is throwing on Tuesday, October 18th from 10 a.m.–4 p.m. EDT! Keep your eyes peeled for the hashtag #TheNotebook15. (Meanwhile, Nicholas Sparks will be appearing on other parts of Figment in the coming weeks—he’ll be answering user questions here and judging a contest here.)

Worried about keeping up? Already read the book? Loved the movie, but didn’t know there was a book? No worries! Come hang with us anyway and we’ll have a party full of cyber cakes, web ’wiches, and digital apple cider! There’s only one rule: NO SPOILERS. Be sensitive to those Figs who have not yet experienced the magic that is The Notebook and keep your lips zipped. No really, just lock it up.

So what are you waiting for? Go pick up a copy and start reading! Yes, now! Why are you still reading this post?

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