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Plot Bunny Adoption Centre

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    Have some great ideas that you'll probably never end up writing? Or maybe you're a writer facing writer's block? In any case, Plot Bunny Adoption Centre is the perfect place for you!

    This Adoption Centre is not limited to only plot bunnies! Here is the entire list of what we offer:

    • Plots
    • Specific scenes
    • Characters
    • Settings
    • Back stories
    • Titles
    • Covers

    Here in Plot Bunny Adoption Centre, we'll make sure your plot bunnies find a good home!

    And if you're looking for some plots? Take a look around and browse!

    If you are planning to adopt a plot bunny, please read these guidelines:

    1. Please post on this thread and tell us what plot bunny you want to adopt. Do not just browse, get inspired and then leave the thread. It's rude, and credit needs to go where credit is due.
    2. You can adopt more than one plot bunny at the same time!
    3. Thank the author by posting on their profile and remember to credit them (if they specify you to). 
    4. Post a link of your story in this thread and you just might find your story on our group's front page!
    5. If you find that you cannot write the plot bunny, you can return it back here. Do not give the idea away to someone else.

    If you are planning to put your plot bunny up for adoption, please read these guidelines:

    1. You cannot ask for the plot bunny back once someone has taken it.
    2. Once your plot bunny has been adopted, what the adopter does with it is now up to them
    3. If you want your plot bunny back and it hasn't been taken yet, please post on this thread, let me know, and I'll take it down.


    If you're planning to give a plot bunny up for adoption:

    Type: (Plot/Character/Setting/etc)
    Content: (Please paste your plot/character/setting etc here)
    Do you want to be credited?
    Do you want to be notified when someone takes it?

     If you're planning to adopt a plot bunny:

    Codes of what you want to adopt: (Bolded means that the owner wants to be credited)

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    A1 (from Charlene).
    There is an organisation called SANS who conducts experiments on children. SANS is a 'legal' facility - SANS pays a lot so the government turns the other way for their less than ethical methods. June's sister, April was taken away from her parents on the guise that they were 'neglecting' her. June tries to search for April, when she meets Alex. Alex was one of the only few people who has ever escaped the facility years ago. Now she has to convince him to cooperate, except, well, he's a bit of a prick.

    A2 (from Sasha Myron).
    So it's sort of like the Ring in LotR, except it's slightly different. There is a shell(gorgon, whatever type you want it to be) that everyone wants to possess, but it's hidden in the Earth's layers so they have to dig and stuff. One girl, who stumbles upon it in her cave discovers a secret about the shell that she doesn't realize. She doesn't even realize he is the shell that legend talks about until later on. And then stuff happens.  

    A3C2 Adopted by Cosette.


    A4 (from Charlene).

    Nothing corrupts good character more than bad company.

    Jessica Rigby has hated Ivy Prescott ever since she opened her know-it-all mouth and ruined her relationship with Ryan. Now that senior year is about to start, there's nothing Jessica wants more than to see Ivy fall from the pedestal she put herself on. Pretending to be her friend, she gives Ivy a taste of power and popularity, knowing that she can't resist.

    Soon, Ivy's grades are dropping, and her goal to be valedictorian is forgotten.

    Soon, her life is spiralling out of control.

    Just how far is Jessica willing to go?

    A5 (from H O PING).

    The main character is a police officer in Chicago who is chasing after a serial killer who targets women with blonde hair and green eyes. At some point in the story, the case is growing cold when another police officer knocks the office door and tells the main character, "We found your man." The MC asks questions to which the other responds, "He's dead. Killed by the man I'm chasing. He was killed by another serial killer." This serial killer goes after family men (husbands and fathers). And throughout the rest of the story, the two officers team up to catch the new killer, the MC has to notify the family of the serial killer (whose wife looks exactly like the victims he killed), and the 1st killer's daughter helps to solve the case because she kept stopping by the station to search for the answer to her father really was.

    A6. (from RAR)
    *Alex* just wants to be a regular girl, with a regular life, and to go to school every day, and to have homework. She is very confused most of the time, and yet so very ambitious.  She gets distracted easily, and refuses to give up on the one thing she doesn't become distracted by; being normal. There is one problem though... She's a dog. (German Shepard).

    A7 (from RAR)
    Samantha works on a farm, collecting eggs for mama to cook day after wretched day. But she wants to do more in her life. She dreams of being a dancer! When she is older, she leaves the farm to go to the big city when her papa dies. She finds that life in the big city isn't so easy... Will her dream of being a dancer come true? 

    A8 (from RAR):
    A thief .. A shoplifter... Amy can't seem to do anything right in her life. But, when someone special comes into her life, can she change from her old ways/habits? Or will she stick to the usual? 

    C1. Adopted by Pixie Dust

    C2 (from RAR):
    A girl at a young age was awarded a nobel prize in science. She won the national spelling bee, and got 102% on everything in school... She finished college at the age of seven, and she is retelling her life in school, and about all the bullies she faced. Who is this girl you ask? Samantha.

    D1. (from Queen of Starlight)
    I got this after watching one two many Walking Dead ads. Put in very simple terms, it's a zombie apocalypse told from the perspective of a zombie, which I don't think is that common. I want to see some reader empathy for them instead of watching humans go around and shoot randomly, but I'm really not able to write this down myself.

    F1. (from Queen of Air and Darkness)
    Secrets and Forgotten Truths

    G1.  Adopted by Alice Grove

    G2 Adopted by Cosette

    G3. Adopted by AJ Cypher

    G4. Adopted by Pixie Dust

    G5 (from Charlene)

    G6. Adopted by Alice Grove

    G7 Revoked by Charlene

    G8 (from Alice Grove).

    G9 (from Alice Grove). 

    G10: Adopted by Emily Wynn

  • Img_3875 Icon-member Alice Grove

    Covers! Yay! They are so pretty!

    Name: Alice Grove

    Codes of what you want to adopt: G1(Wolves) & G6 (Selina)



    I'll be posting a few things here, too, as soon as I go through my mountains of notebooks and find all of the ones I have scrapped. :P And maybe a few covers.

  • A0wva20991 Icon-non-member Pixie Dust

    Name: Pixie Dust

    Code of what you want to adopt: G3 (wings) and Lucinda and Melinda Grey

    Notes: Can you put my name on it instead of the author?


  • A0wva20991 Icon-non-member Pixie Dust

    This is what I did with Charlene's cover that I adopted! http://figment.com/books/676859-Wings

  • Whitetiger Icon-non-member A.J. Cypher

    Name: A.J. Cypher
    Codes of what you want to adopt: G3. Not sure how this works, but if the 'author' gets replaced with my name, could it please say A.J.C


  • E722490e7b53c4ec9c0715e98e58b62e Icon-non-member Emily Wynn

    Name: Emily Wynn

    Codes of what you want to adopt: G10, can Alice replace the "Author Name" with Emily Wynn?

  • Th Icon-non-member zoe

    Name: cosette

    Codes of what you want to adopt: A3C2 (math), G2 (project x)


  • Icon 2 Icon-member Iris Levine

    Name: Iris Levine
    Codes of what you want to adopt: A1 and G5

    I've been eyeing them for a while, but i was worried it'd take me forever to use them, but since they're still here, I figure, why not? :)


  • Tumblr_ob6dh4opxg1rf5yluo4_1280 Icon-non-member ambi

    Name: Meg Blizzard
    Code of what you want to adopt: Plot A1

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