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Girls Who Write

**GIRLS ONLY** Here you can advise or recieve advice from other girls who love to write. If you need someone to read your work and help you with it this is your place. Or if you just want to talk to other girls who love to write then this is your place :)

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 Hey, so this is a girls only group. There aren't really any rules other then please watch the language and treat eachother respectfully :) I think that's just about it.

Keep your eye out for great work and feel free to promote others work in the Recomendation Figment discussion :)

Found something Good not on Figment? Add the title and author to the Book Recomendation discussion :)


I know we are a girls only group but every so often there is a boy who has a question about writing and those boy's are welcome to join to ask their question and then leave the group once it's been answered.

    If I spot any infractions of the rules I will deal with it accordingly. I can flag, delete, and ban. I will too.




                                                           ***A little note***


    All right girlys, it seems to me we need some sort of group activity. If anyone has any ideas then please email me at kannellahill@gmail.comwith the group name as the subject :)

This is just a reminder that bullying will not be tolerated in this group. If any of you witness it or become concerned that someone isn't being very nice than please alert me via the email address above. Thank you. :)


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