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Figment Writers Against Swaps!

we love figment! but, there are so many maddeningly annoying "swap" requests that we no longer see anyone genuinely read for reading's sake. ENOUGH. this must end now.

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i miss the old figment, the figment where one could discover fresh, talented writers, working across all forms of fiction and verse to advance their work. i miss the figment where people read your profile, then read your work and made thoughtful, incisive, constructive comments... alas, i am beginning to despise the figment where tweens fill your wall with "swap" requests, ignoring your statements in your profile, your messages, and your Q & A, that while you love to discover new work, you don't want to "swap."

within the next year, i will publish my book, and sell the rights to my screenplay... unfortunately, by then, it seems, i will have said goodbye to what once was a very special community of writers and wonks and true intellects. it pains me, but figment is no longer a safe, respectful, literate community. figment as become an extension of some after school program at a pushy suburban magnet school. i pains me to let go, but... i suppose it's time for me to go and watch figment grow larger and its users become less literate and more pushy from far, far, and further than afar..... but, it hurts to let her go................ figment, i implore you, please develop a way to bring this whole contest-driven swap insanity under control.

perhaps you could allow us to "friend" each other, so that we can get to know one another before asking for "favors." perhaps, you can ban the solicitation of "hearts" from your contests, as you did several years ago, perhaps, you can segment users by age, or make "swap" acceptance a real setting, like a "friend request" on facebook. but, if you continue on this path, we worry figment will no longer be any fun at all.

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