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Romance For The Mature

So I find it very hard to find a good group of people who are willing to read my WHOLE story because I go into so much detail in the love sense. People complain. I say grow up. It's a part of life.

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This is a group I created for people out there who want to find someone who will be willing to read there work and not criticize about how detailed or descriptive the making love scene.  My personal opinion, GROW UP!


I can't stand being all excited to read comments about my book and it end up being an awkward or shy little kid who is too embarrassed by my work to read through the whole story. Life is detailed in itself and it needs to be told. There are parts of a relationship you couldn't understand between two characters if you didn't know about how they acted together in bed.


So this is my group for MATURE people who want to get their work out there and not have to hear criticism from awkward people who are too immature to understand the difference between sex and making love.


I myself do not always have access to the internet so I will add up to three more administrators. You must first have hearted at least one of the stories for every administrator as well as follow.


Once you have done so then post on my wall you would like to be an administrator and Whallah! I will make it happen. :)

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