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We Write for 18+

A group to share your writing oriented for the 18+ community. No stuff for teens allowed.

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Welcome! I opened this group to give the mature community a place to share their stories and find stories that are not plagued with teens and their situations. Not that teenage literature is not nice, but there are plenty of groups for that already. 

This group is only for people 18+. Members can post mature content, not appropriate for younger readers. So the discussions and the books to review have content only appropriate for legal adults
Add your writing to the group if you want a review. But be nice and provide reviews to others as well. Balance is good, so do your part in giving and receiving.
Feel free to open discussions about different adult topics, including:
  • adult, mature content
  • straight erotica
  • gay erotica
  • explicit language
  • gore
  • anything considered disturbing or inappropriate for the younger audience
What to NOT post about:
  • Content with characters under 18 in sexual situations. 
  • Images with gratuitous nudity or sexual activity.
  • Stories aimed for a younger audience. There are many groups for that already.
  • Content that violates these rules will be deleted and the users removed.
1. Be nice
2. If you request feedback, be kind and give feedback too.
3. Only heart if you liked the story/poem/etc.
4. Don't come here requesting hearts, but willing to review and be reviewed with honesty.
5. I won't go around investigating each one of you to make sure you're 18+. But if I happen to find out you're underage, I'm kicking you out. Simple as that.

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