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Free Hearts For Everybody!

Did you enter in a heart contest? Is your book on the lowest page? Do you just want hearts? COME HERE!

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(If you want only one book hearted)

Post your books in the "I want a heart!" feed. 

I or one of the other admins will heart it. 

(If you want all of your books hearted)

Post something random in the "All of my books!" feed. (Just something so we can get to your profile.

I or one of the other admins will heart it.

WARNING: You can only do this once. If you make a new book, then put it in the "I want a heart!" feed. 

(If you want a friend or a contest winner's book hearted)

Put their name in the feeds, "Here's my friends!" or "Help me heart this!"

Wait until we heart it. 

We will post on your wall when it is completed. 


Happy Hearting!

~I just noticed I'm the only Admin?  So um... Anybody else want a position?  Post on my page

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