Kidnapped 2
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This group talks about my book that coming out soon. I know you guys are going to love it so much. Follow me and my group.

Discussion began on 10/22/2011

Meet the characters.

  • Babysereina4 Icon-founder Sereina Fan

    What a story without a character?
    In my story, You'll meet

    • Jessica: A 15 years old girl who gets kidnapped, and raped.
    • John: Jessica's kidnapper. A 25 year old dude. 
    • Lily: Jessica's best friend in the whole wide world
    • Mr&Mrs Royce: Jessica's parents. 

      In this book you'll meet all those characters plus more. Those are just the main characters. There is one more important character though. You'll discover him by reading my short story. COMING SOON!!!

      You can ask me any question by living a comment, and please follow me. Thank you. Don't forget to comment and ask me questions. I'll try to answer as many as I can. 
  • Img_1286 Icon-non-member Gabrielle Hyde

    how does john know jessica??????

  • Babysereina4 Icon-founder Sereina Fan

    John knew Jessica by the internet. He saw her on facebook and he got really interested in her, so he started stalking her, but then he kidnapped her.

  • Hkjhjkjkjkhkjkjkhkjkkjhuhjgjugby Icon-non-member Lilly swap page

    When are you going to put it on your page because I would totally read and heart it :P

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