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Figmenters Against Bullying

This club is for you figmenters who are against bullying. For those who were bullied, were a bully, were a bystander, or you're just against it.

Discussion began on 01/02/2012

My friend bully

  • Friends-forever2 Icon-member Elephant Luver

       I have this so called friend who... well lets just say she is always bringing me down. What should I do?


  • Avatar-thumb Icon-non-member Figment User

    I would break it off with her. Friends are supposed to be encouraging, fun, and... well, friendly. If someone is giving you a hard time or just being plain mean, that person is definitely not a friend. Move on. She's not worth it.

  • Avatar-thumb Icon-non-member Figment User

    When friends become overly comfortable with each other, it can be really easy to stop respecting each other's boundries. If you care about them try talking to them first, otherwise I would side with Christina on this. An acquaintence isn't worth the effort. Keep us posted Lauren!

  • Photo jan 20, 1 39 32 pm Icon-non-member the great kate weather machine

    As the other two have said, friends are supposed to be fun and have a great time together! If you really think you can work to keep your friendship, tell her (agh, here comes the Dr. Phil) how you feel and also tell her if she doesn't think before she says and does mean things to you, that it's over.

  • Friends-forever2 Icon-member Elephant Luver

    Thanks but it seems like no matter what I tell them and what I do the keep getting all mad at me. I really only have one true friend and even with her I have to watch how I say things and when I say things. The girl that this  post was about is not my friend anymore. We decided that it was best if we wernt friends. Is it right that I do have to watch what I say around them?

  • Peace sign Icon-member ♥ Hannah ♥

    A few months ago my best friend suddenly started trying to make me miserable and jealous. I know why she's been doing it but I decided to give her a break and make some new friends and I think you should do the same.

  • Images-35 Icon-non-member Andrea Smile

    I have a friend that does the same thing, she bullies me all the time and the rest of my friends do the exact same, but when a teacher shows up, she stops.
    I would say that it isn't worth having a 'friend' if she bullies you, it's not worth it...

  • I believe in her Icon-non-member Tate Thurgood (KONY 2012)

    If she's bullying you and being mean, then she's not your friend! She's a bully. find someone who cares. That should teach her.

  • Dragonfly Icon-member Dragon fli

    That happened to me once. I mean if she's bullying you then shes probably bullying you. My friend was just having a hard time. I asked her to stop and she did.


  • Bluebird Icon-member Flynn ▲

    Friends can get on your nerves. Common knowledge. It depends how they are making you feel inside. Are you always down about what they say to you? Yes? Then it's time to end this. They're obviously not the best of friends if they're making you feel that way. Maybe they're having a bad time right now? Maybe confront them? Best of luck.

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