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Figmenters Against Bullying

This club is for you figmenters who are against bullying. For those who were bullied, were a bully, were a bystander, or you're just against it.

Discussion began on 01/06/2012

From Bully to BFF

  • Doodles 1 - copy Icon-member Jar Jar Binks

    TRUE STORY: a girl who bullied me and pretty much hated on me in sixth grade is now one of my closest friends! Has this ever happened to you?

  • Tumblr_lfc8lptd1d1qg21yio1_500 Icon-member Rona

    How did that happen ._. ?! Was she like, secretly jealous of you or something and you reached out to her and became her friend?

  • July 6 2012 002 Icon-non-member Sarah

    This happened to me too:)

    One of my old best friends hated me when we were little and then we became really good friends way back in like, fifth grade. XD

  • I believe in her Icon-non-member Tate Thurgood (KONY 2012)

    It sort of happened.....has anyone ever had that done backwards? From BFF to bully? I have.

  • Propic Icon-non-member the great kate weather machine

    Me and one of my best friends used to fight, A LOT, and we weren't really friends at some points. But I've never had my bully be my friend, that's a very interesting story.

  • Figment pic. Icon-moderator Teresa Awesome

    Yeah, that happened to me in 4th grade. Now we're pretty close friends :) It took a while for me to gain her trust back, though.

  • Figment pic. Icon-moderator Teresa Awesome

    *for her to gain my trust back



  • Babe Icon-founder Brianna Aye♥

    It happened to me, BFF to bully. Three times. The first time was over the summer two years ago. We were at a friend's pool party, and she, let's call her Kitty, was saying,"I soo don't want to be here" and stuff like that. So I said something to her, and she was being icy to me after that. So to "break the ice" (chuckle) I splashed her a little. and she set off. So she cried. Because she was "sick". So this is what happened after that.

    Kitty: Why did you do that? Do you hate me?

    Me: A little, at the moment!

    Kitty: You are so rude. You never take anyone's feelings into consideration.

    Me: ...

    Kitty: I was right about you. You are so worthless.

    Me: Excuse me, but who was the one who didn't want to come? The one who gangs up on me and goes "Oh, I'm so sorry!"

    Kitty: What's your problem?!

    Me: My problem? MY PROBLEM?!

    Kitty: ...

    Me: My problem is with you, brat.

    Now, that might not have been the best thing to say, but I was so annoyed. She was always putting me down and making me miserable. So that was the end of that. The other two go into way more details, that it would take an hour to post it.

  • Img_0256 Icon-member E.M

    I've had BFF to enemy,not flat out name calling bully, but never bully to BFF. My old BFF was really close to me until she became obsessed with popularity and teenagerness. Long story short she ditched me for the popular girls who hated my guts.

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