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Figmenters Against Bullying

This club is for you figmenters who are against bullying. For those who were bullied, were a bully, were a bystander, or you're just against it.

Discussion began on 02/08/2012

100 Members Contest! UPDATES: TAG AND SHARING!

  • Babe Icon-founder Brianna Aye♥

    I have a writing contest for you guys! In honor of our 100 members! So here's the prompt!

    Write a short story (no multiple chapters) in which a bully victim, bystander, or even a bully stands up for someone.

    The rules are you:

    a) cannot have anyone create a cover for you, it must be made by you

    b) no copying someone else's concept

    c) No fantasy, horror, or mystery

    d) No more than 1 chapter

    e) No more than 2,500 words

    f)Story cannot be posted after the deadine of 2/15/12

    g)Story must be shared in this group after it is finished

    NEW TAG! The new tag (you must use this one, not the old one) is FIGSAGvictimbystanderbullycontest. Happy writing!

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