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The Romantic Type

This is for all the Sarah Dessen lovers, the helpless romantics, and the people who don't always have to have anything more than a typical 'boy meets girl' story. We'll write and share with each other while also giving constructive critism and broadening our horizons.

Discussion began on 12/19/2011

Your Favorite Book of Sarah Dessen

  • 5rejof Icon-member kaitlynthekaitlyn

     I mainly only read:

    • The truth about forever
    • Keeping the Moon
  • 17519_560612027291175_653430529_n Icon-non-member Cait Cher

    I love The Truth About Forever and Just Listen.

  • Thcaqo7tr2 Icon-moderator agatha

    God!!!!!! I really loved Dreamland! it was really good!

  • Avatar-thumb Icon-founder Figment User

    The Truth About Forever and Lock and Key!

  • Screen shot 2012-02-15 at 9.47.27 am Icon-member Kalina Smith

    My favorites are Someone Like You, Just Listen, Dreamland, and Along for the Ride! :D

  • Photo 742 Icon-member Anonymous

    how to deal (someone like you and that summer)

  • Jjcramer Icon-member Adaaspire

    Just Listen was the book that made me a Sarah Dessen Fan. So that one is definitely my favorite. But I also really enjoyed Along For the Ride; second fav. for sure!

  • Avatar-thumb Icon-non-member Figment User

    Just Listen, Keeping the Moon, and This Lullaby are my favorites, but What Happened to Goodbye was really good, too!!!

  • Pretty nails Icon-member Nik Nik

    My favorites are: Just Listen, Along For The ride, This Lullaby, Keeping The Moon, Someone Like You, That Summer, and Lock and Key!

  • 10486465_902216476472285_3046542885601653646_n Icon-member Alyssa.

    What Happened to Goodbye and The Truth About Forever.(:

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