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The Romantic Type

This is for all the Sarah Dessen lovers, the helpless romantics, and the people who don't always have to have anything more than a typical 'boy meets girl' story. We'll write and share with each other while also giving constructive critism and broadening our horizons.

Discussion began on 12/27/2011

I have a couple of cute love stories if y'all wanna read em!

  • Picture031 Icon-member Abigail Auman

    stronger then steel

    love that never got a chance

    too soon

    i'm sorry

    i hope you guys like them! :)

  • One_flower[1] Icon-member TJ

    I have: Finding my 1 true love

                    I have to set you free

                   Too big for love.

  • 17519_560612027291175_653430529_n Icon-non-member Cait Cher

    Can you read "The Tossed Miracle" and "All Light Will Shine"  if you have a chance? 

  • Pretty nails Icon-member Nik Nik

    Right now all I have is '2nd Semester'. Read if you want to :)

  • 005 Icon-member Octavian Condet

    Hello if anyone wants to read my short story "First Date" you can. Its got MJ in it the singer haha. If anyone would like to read it you can, ill try and post more when i can:) have a great night god bless.

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