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Write it Figmenters

Anyone from the STACKS (a scholastic website) is welcome here! This is where anyone from the Write It Boards on the STACKS can come and join the group! It'll be good to get together and just have fun!!!

Discussion began on 08/13/2012

ARGH! I am such a blonde!

  • Toe stand Icon-moderator Tatiana Volkov

    @ Helen:  Oh, haha, it's no problem.  I keep wanting to call Teresa by her real name on here, so I totally get it.  :)  And I have managed to beat John Green's puff level, haha.  xD


  • Glass_slipper_sketch_by_orico Icon-member E.R.Rose





    *Curls up into fetal position*


    How did I not know this?

    Also, have you read A Fault In Our Stars by John Green?

    I read it and it is one of the BEST books I've ever read. I cried and laughted so much wile reading it and I stayed up till 11pm last night to finish it.

    You'd love it, I swear.



    I like your hair, at least it's not puffy an thick and colick-ie like mine.



    Tis' a little green. If you squint and tilt your head a bit.



    Anyone (besides Teresa...or whatever your real name is...O.O) Watch Doctor Who? I've recently become obsessed and I want to talk to you guys about it.


  • Toe stand Icon-moderator Tatiana Volkov

    @ Jess:  Nope, Teresa is not her real name.  :) 

    And yeah, I have read The Fault In Our Stars.  I liked it... I can't say it was an amazing book, though.  But that's not to say that it didn't have its moments.  **SPOILERS FOR ANYONE WHO HASN'T READ TFIOS** The car scene near-ish the end was awesome, as was Augustus's letter to Van Houten.

    Which brings me to the fact that Van Houten is my favorite character in the book.  And that troubles me, because he's a lot like Haymitch.  So, apparently, I gravitate toward drunken, jerkish people.  Unless that drunken, jerkish person is riding the 10:30 train and asks your friend for the time and touches your arm.  Then I am thouroughly creeped out.

  • I am your grandma Icon-member Helen

    I loved The Fault in Our Stars!  And don't be hating on the 40 year old man, Tatiana.  Remember he knows all.

  • Glass_slipper_sketch_by_orico Icon-member E.R.Rose



    *Continues to rock*

    I'm going to explode if I don't know her real name soon (this used to be much easier before I knew ANYBODY'S name)

    In regards to TFIOS

    I don't know, this book just really, really resonated with me for some reason. It might be because of my uncle or the fact that my cousin should have been ten this past month (if not for leukemia) or because I was reading it INSANLY late at night, but I was just a mess through the whole thing. The characters felt very real to me and they broke the cancer-kid stereotypes which I loved.

    I was also very much in love with Augustus :D 

    In regards to that car scene, you have no idea how many times my uncle tried to do things like that when he was getting really sick. I got quite emotional during that part.

    No, it's alright I liked him too. I'm glad he came around in the end and I like the part where he talked about his daughter :'(.


    Did you have the feeling that the girl Hazel was friends with and Isaac were going to end up together? It might have just been me...IDK



    Obviously, he's Santa.

  • Img_0156 Icon-admin Julia (cavyheart)

    @Jess: If you go search through the WIC website, she mentions it at some point there... Hang on, let me go look up the page for you...

    Dang it, the page is set to private. I'll just email it to you.

    Also: You evidently didn't notice the massive collic I have right in the middle of my forehead, lol. I always have to get my bangs cut at different lengths becaus it lifts up my hair so much, there. It's horrible.

    @Tati: I wasn't a big TFIOS fan, either. I mean, I liked it, but it didn't make me cry or really feel much of anything the way it did everybody else. (Then again, I don't cry very often from books. I cheered at the end of Delirium.) I definitely prefered Looking for Alaska, which didn't make me cry either, but was more relateable for me (despite all the nastiness going on in that book; I mean, how gross and unnecessary can you get with all of that). Plus, that one had more of a mystery factor which I always enjoy, because for the entire first half of the book, I was going, "Okay. What the heck is going to be the big event that this part is BEFORE," and I basically just spent the entire thing guessing. And then when it happened, it was like BOOM--and I only figured it out a few pages before the characters did, so that was like mental whiplash for me because I ALWAYS figure things out WAY before the characters do--and yeah. I really enjoyed that book (again, despite the nastiness *ewwww*).

    Completely random, but you know what book made me cry back in elementary school and I STILL can't read because it disturbed me so much? Walk Two Moons, by Sharon Creech. To this day, no book has affected me as much as that one did.

    @Helen: And I am the Easter Bunny.

  • Toe stand Icon-moderator Tatiana Volkov

    @ Jules:  I'm trying Looking For Alaska, but truly, it is nasty.  BLEGH.  And unnecessary.  Was it WRONG for him to put this stuff in?  No.  Unnecessary?  YES.

    And I'm with you about cheering at the end of Delerium.  MUHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    The last book I remember crying at was The Book Thief.  That one was just... just... GAH.  I think there might have been a tear or two at TFIOS, but I can't even remember, so I'm going to say no.  I remember when I cry at books because it happens very, very rarely.

    Also: everybody needs to read Without Tess.  It is awesome.  :)

  • Img_0156 Icon-admin Julia (cavyheart)

    @Tati: Have you read Thirteen Reasons Why? That book had me bawling my eyes out.

    Who's Without Tess by? I'll definitely check it out.

  • I am your grandma Icon-member Helen

    @Tatiana:  I read  Without Tess, solely because of the review you wrote for it. XD

    @Julia:  I was going to get that!  But then I murdered my earbuds and spent all my money on new headphones.  I'll try to order it from the library though.

    In other library related news; I KEEP GETTING FINED FOR A BOOK I RETURNED LIKE A MONTH AGO!  Blarf.

  • Toe stand Icon-moderator Tatiana Volkov

    @ Jules:  I've heard it's a good book, but I've never read it.  And Without Tess is by Marcella Pixley.


    @ Helen:  Let me know what you think!  xD  And that really sucks.  I was billed for "losing" a book when I explicitly remember returning it.  For whatever reason, they took it off my "checked out" list even though I still had it.  But I didn't just want to keep it, so I returned it.  THEN they said that I checked it out.  We went and talked to the librarian who said they "couldn't find it".  Riiiiiiiiiight.

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