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The Dreaming Corner

This is a corner for dreams and ideas and wonderfully magical things! For people to talk, get ideas, interact, share pictures, get covers, and make friends & (most importantly) to Dream On.

Group Details

My lovely "things to do" list above. ^

Welcome fantastical Dreamers.

As of now, I'm going to make this group mainly into a cover shop area. However, there are also several other discussions I've started with writing prompts and jokes and an introduction page!

If you have any questions, feel free to comment on my wall. I'm pretty friendly. :)

This is a group where you can interact with your fellow Dreamers, get a cover, and just dwell in the creativity. :)

I'm hoping to make this group more active during the Summer (2016).




P.S. Do I have to give rules now? I certainly hope not. Just remember, be nice. The whole Golden Rule and all. Please make this a pleasant corner, not a nightmare. Dream on ;}


A few extra things:

1. Please feel free to add your writings to the group member books section if you are a member! Happy writing everyone. [It makes me so happy to see all those members' books out in the section!! Keep adding, love it! :D]

 2. If there's a monthly contest on Figment, you can (hopefully) find out about it here. Or at least post here!

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