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The Dreaming Corner

This is a corner for dreams and ideas and wonderfully magical things! For people to talk, get ideas, interact, share pictures, get covers, and make friends & (most importantly) to Dream On.

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Ruby Rae's Cover Boutique

  • Imag2098_2_1 - edit profile me Icon-founder Ruby Rae Daniels

    Welcome all! Thanks for stopping by!


    Very important message:

    1.) I like to provide quality work. I'll try my best to produce a cover that you like. I might offer to do 1-2  edits of the cover I originally make for you if you want to tweak some things.

    2.) Give me some time to finish it! I am not attached to the internet all of the time over the summer since I do not have Wi-Fi. (yes, a crime, I know.) So please me patient! That being said, however, once I get an idea of what I want to do, I usually make it in less than a few hours BECAUSE I LOVE IT.  :D [sorry, creative overload]

    3.) I will also ask you a lot of questions (probably) during the process of making the cover. I like to talk to the customer and get their feedback (most of the time).


    Here are some examples of covers I've done for myself:


     Example of covers for others:



    PLEASE READ THIS PART, if nothing else...

    Please message me on my profile page* if you would like a cover. That way, I can keep track and make sure I see your request!


    *if you are from twitter or wattpad, please private message me!


    Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon! :)



    Fee: Credit me in the description of the story that you use the cover for.

    Tip: if you are feeling happy with the product, maybe stop by my page and read any one of my stories.



    -Application form (may change)-



    Tagline [opt.]:

    Genre [opt.]:

    Thoughts about a possible picture [opt.]:

    Color scheme(s) (dark, light, blue?, yellow?, etc.):

    Emotions want to portray (happy, dark, evil, sad, etc.):

    Summary of story [along with link attached]:

    Additional Info:





  • Imag2098_2_1 - edit profile me Icon-founder Ruby Rae Daniels

    7/10/15 - UPDATE: Hey guys! If you would like a cover, comment on my profile page! I should be able to make covers this summer.


    Love to hear from you either way!


  • Imag2098_2_1 - edit profile me Icon-founder Ruby Rae Daniels

    6/03/16 - UPDATE: What's up?! Summer's back!

    I can't believe it's been almost a year. I feel terrible. I've been wanting to make some covers. SOO that being said, I've been really busy lately, but if you want a cover comment on my profile page (as well as filling out a form and posting in the discussion!) and we'll chat :)




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