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The Cove Contest

The Cove Contest is like nothing you've ever seen before: it is a place where fun and opportunity go hand-in-hand. Come on in and explore. The waves are roaring and so is the fun!

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To The Cove Contest! Boy, are we glad to see you, because by visiting us you are showing the staff of TCC that you are serious about being an artist. Whether you're a writer, graphic artist, reader, cake decorator, whatever floats your boat, this is the place where you belong.

The Cove Contest is all about providing opportunities to people who wouldn't otherwise have them. Whether that be mere publication on the site or advice from a Twilight star, we're here to help you succeed by pursuing your passions. What better way to do that than host a contest where nobody gets eliminated? All you have to do is be interested in having fun; and you get rewarded for it!

The Cove Contest isn't just an awesome group on this awesome site. It is also an e-zine, that hosts more than just exclusive interviews. More than just publication or showcasing your work. More than any other group or e-zine provided by Figment users has to offer you. Don't believe us? Check out the site for yourself at And don't worry, the URL won't be that tediously long forever. In fact, we're working on getting a domain name.

Come celebrate YOU and YOUR passions with the people who have helped make Figment Amazing:

  • Daniel Jimenez, the creator of Cover Designs, the largest cover design group on the site, and has helped several different groups with partnerships and design layouts (including this group).
  • Tyanna Snider, co-admin of a ton of your favorite groups (i.e. Cover Designs, Figment's Next Top Writer: Summer Camp, and much more). She's eger to teach anyone to do anything she knows how! She's a college student and working on her degree to become an elementary school teacher!
  • Chris Nicholson, co-admin of Cover Designs and Cover Designs' top voted graphic artist of 2013.
  • Victoria H., a co-admin for Figment's Next Top Writer and in the Top 3 of Cycle 5 of Figment's Next Top Writer and the third place winner for Cycle 3 of America's Next Greatest Author
  • And finally, Anna Browne, the creator of Figment's Next Top Writer, the first and most popular writing competition group on Figment; creator of Figment's Next Top Writer: Summer Camp, a summer-long workshop with real physical prizes, founder of Novel Readers, and the person who cares more about helping YOU become successful more than anything else in relation to Figment

You have a staff here who wants to help you and support you. So why not give The Cove Contest a go? Join, play, grab some lemonade. We're here for YOU, and the only thing we ask in exchange is that you are too.






The Cove Contest is all about inspiring you as an artist. Therefore we will periodically feature an inspirational haiku, handwritten with a small picture drawn by the founder of the group, Anna Browne. If you have a haiku you would like to submit for a feature, please contact us at with the subject "Haiku".

Lorn: Something or someone that is lost, ruined or undone.

Got a word you want to share? E-mail us at with the subject "Awesome Word"!


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