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Vampire Academy

Written by Richelle Mead. Loved by all!

Discussion began on 01/29/2012

The Official Vampire Academy Roleplay

  • 1513749_411629829001825_4400563096608955086_n Icon-founder Nicole

    ***I will make a list of the characters involved in the Roleplay (below) once the discussion gets rolling, leave a post in the "Roleplay?" discussion so it isn't as messy on here. And leave any suggestions for the roleplay on the "Roleplay?" disccusion too. Thanks!***


    • You can either be one character from the series (Vampire Academy or Bloodlines) or you can be one fanmade character
    • You can swear, but keep it to a minimum please
    • Bring on the battles scenes!
    • Romance between characters is allowed, just not to graphic please


    •  Royal Court in Pennsylvania
    • Feel free to switch the setting, just say so in a comment below, and I'll add the setting to the list

    Let's get started!

    Characters In Play (Cannot Use)

    • Catherina Jordan- Rose 
    • Katrina De Lo- Laila
    • Ryann Ravenwood- Ryann
    • J.D. Castle- Celia


  • Img_20130925_154643 Icon-member Cat Jordan

    ok, i guess I'll start as rose :$ umm... :P

    -Ok, so not cool. Hans seriously needed to control his temper. And thanks to him, Rose was stuck in this boring, empty church.

  • 1513749_411629829001825_4400563096608955086_n Icon-founder Nicole

    My fan-made character: Laila Iskahov (Cousin to Adrian). Moroi, 18 years old, water user, went to Vampire Acadmey in Russia, is just visiting her family.


    -Walked into the church

    -"Hello? Is anyone in here? I need help finding someone!"

  • Img_20130925_154643 Icon-member Cat Jordan

    -Rose stepped out from behind a piller to see a young Moroi girl standing in the doorway.

    "well, you're gonna have to give a few more specifics than someone if you want help."

  • 1513749_411629829001825_4400563096608955086_n Icon-founder Nicole

    - Looks at girl up and down

    -"Dhimpir, I presume? Well you can probably help me then. I'm looking for my cousin, Adrian Iskahov."

  • Img_1072 cropped Icon-non-member Ryann Ravenwood

    I'll be a moroi, fanmade character. My name is Ryann. Age 13. Sister of Adrian and cousin of Lissa. Power: spirit weilding(youngest).
    -Comes out from behind to open doors.
    -"I'm looking for Laila. Do you know where she might be? Princess Lissa sent me. If you could show me where she went. My brother and cousin don't like to be kept waiting."

  • Img_20130925_154643 Icon-member Cat Jordan

    -"Hey, this seems like a search triangle to me. Seems you two could really help eachother."

  • Img_1072 cropped Icon-non-member Ryann Ravenwood

    Looks confused at Rose.
    "What do you mean?"
    Looks carefully at Laila.
    "Oh my. Sorry Laila. Please follow me. You can come too, Dhimpir, but mind yourself, Adrian is NOT in a good mood."
    (underbreath)"I hope Lissa has calmed him down a bit."

  • Luke_chueh_fall_out_boy Icon-non-member J.D. Castle

    I'll be my own fan made character named Celia, sister to Dimitri. I have his brown eyes, but my hair is white and in a long braid that swims down my back. 17 and a dhampir.

    Meanwhile, as Celia walks through Saint Vladimir's Academy, she spots a very cute Moroi man standing next to a girl she recognizes as the new queen; Vasilissa Dragomir.

    Celia walks into the room, a broad grin on her face, but as soon as the Moroi sees her, his eyes burn and his body immediately freezes as he stares into her eyes. Celia's smile falters as she glances at Lissa in faint confusion.

    Lissa blinks, focusing on Celia and returning from her thoughts. "Oh, hello, Celia. This is Adrian Ivashkov. Adrian this is Celia Belikov; she's a new novice-just came in from Russia."

    Now, Celia's grin grows wider as she winks at Adrian. "Oh! You're that poor sap Rose dumped!" Celia says rudely, and she could feel Lissa's burning jade eyes on her, but she continues, "Well, you don't seem to be doing so bad, huh?" Celia understands now; her eyes match her brother's, a man Adrian must hate. She turns to Lissa. "So, where's Rose? We've got training later today, and I'm ready to whoop her ass this time."

  • Img_1072 cropped Icon-non-member Ryann Ravenwood

    Ryann comes around the corner silently.
    "Who is this? I asume that you and Adrian have met before since he hasn't torn you to shred yet. I'm Ryann. Most people know me as "My Lady" or "Princess"."

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