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Vampire Academy

Written by Richelle Mead. Loved by all!

Discussion began on 09/13/2011

Your favorite book of the series?

  • Awesome moose Icon-member Hannah

    I would have to say my favorite book of the series is the "Frostbite" or "Last Sacrifice". Anyone else?

  • 1513749_411629829001825_4400563096608955086_n Icon-founder Nicole

    My favorite has to be Blood Promise. Just seeing that other part of Dimitri broke my heart. I was so proud of Rose when she almost killed him. That must have been a major heart wreck for her.

  • Girl in sunlight color pencil k redell Icon-member K. Redell

    That's a tough one, Shadow Kiss (i liked the guardian exams, think this was that book) , maybe or Last Sacrifice (it was cool to see Dimitri kinda fall for Rose again!).

  • Avatar-thumb Icon-non-member Figment User

    I have to say Im in love with Last Sacrifice, it kept me guessing who the killer was. Syndey was helpful, Rose's friends were there for her- and totally broke her out of jail (So did her dad, which was cool). Lissa become queen, Rose and Dimitri were able to be with each other, and still protect Lissa. The down side was that Christan's aunt was the killer- and tried to get rid of Rose so she would still have chance with Dimitri. Ugh! Did not see that one coming- my money was on Adrian's mother.

    Then I love Vampire Academy because it was so amazing- and I love the part where Christan kissed Lissa for the first time.

    Frostbite was sad in the end, but that was when Rose first got some Strongi a** to kick!

    Shadow Kiss was filled with awesomeness because her and Christan made a kick butt team.

    Then Blood Promise was when she met Syndey, and her father. And I have to say he dad's awesome. Lissa kicked butt for the first time.

    Spirit Bound was sad because Rose does so much for Dimitri, but he just left her high and dry. Adrian gets a little green in the eyes, and we learn that the queen respected Rose enough to trust her with a secret so big that she didn't believe the letter at first. 

    I guess you can say, I enjoyed the twists and turns of all the books.

  • Scott and tessa Icon-member Ariella Ivashkov

    Frostbite! The ultimate page-turner. Ice. Snow. Action. Romance. Emotions across the spectrum. Anticipation. Love. Rose. Laughter. Sarcasm. Adrian. Tears. Drama. Fight. Dimitri. Strigoi. Mason. Death...

    Everything changes.

  • Nerd Icon-member Annabel G.

    I like Shadow Kiss, but it's been so long since I've read the books. Must reread! :D

  • Avatar-thumb Icon-non-member Figment User

    The end of Shadow Kiss is really good because they finally "get together" and then Rose goes off to search for Dimitri.

    I love Blood Promise because it seems so unlike most of the other books in the series, making it unique.

    And then I also love the Last Sacrfice because...It's just good, okay?

  • Cold_black_heart Icon-member Samantha Morbo

    My favorite by far was Last Sacrifice. But I was kinda sad about how things ended between Adrian and Rose.

  • Img_0194 Icon-member dinasaur

    Last Sacrifice was good. I love them all, but it's a three way tie between Shadow Kiss, Last Sacrifice, and the sixth one that the title slips me...

    And it didn't really end...Bloodlines is out, and Rose appeared in that for a chapter. So Richelle Mead is still continuing, it's just with a spin-off.

  • Deep thought Icon-member Lyla Saffron

    I really love the 2nd book which is Frostbite because there is a lot of tension in Rose and Dimitri's relationship and there's a lot of action going on and I think the part including Mason was so great and amazing! 

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