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Figgy Idol

Like American Idol, only our contestants write. We are a multi-round, short story writing competition held annually-ish here on Figment. Anyone with any kind of experience is free to sign-up.

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ROUND THREE: It’s All Mundane To Me

  • Untitled Icon-founder Ellie Williams

    Congratulations on making it through another round. I hope you all are enjoying this experience as we judges are. What you all managed to come up with last round was incredible. Truly left me speechless. This round, I think, will be a little more challenging, but I'm curious to see what you all do with it.

    For this round, we will be focusing on characterization. Our characters are the faces of our stories. They bring them to life, carry them along, and put on a spectacle in the minds of our readers. They put up with our quirky and sometimes cruel ideas, but they always manage to persevere. Without strong, memorable characters, your story just fades into the background. Your characters should be relatable, well-rounded, and flawed. No one likes Mary Sue or Gary Stu, after all. Be creative in their creation and have their background drive your story. It is recommended that you should fill out a character profile for each of your characters in your story in order to better acquaint yourself with your own creations, but for the sake of this competition, that isn’t necessary.

    ROUND THREE: It’s All Mundane To Me

    What you must do is  write a story about a regular, everyday Jo-Schmo. This character does not have any super powers or abilities. They are not supernatural, and they live on planet Earth during our current era. We judges have dubbed him the “Mundane Hero,” but she can also be a heroine if you’re so inclined. The aim is to strip away all of the fantastical details and focus solely on an ordinary character living an ordinary life. Try to flesh out the small details surrounding your ordinary characters: quirks, the way they walk and talk, basic personality traits, how they interact with strangers or a crowd, et cetera.

    Your story will start out describing an ordinary day in their ordinary life. Establish a familiar routine that this character may follow. While the story may take place at any time during your character’s day, it may be helpful to think about the moments directly before and after to create a sort of realistic quality to your story.

    At some point during your ordinary character’s typical day, something… well, atypical happens. It sends their entire routine into a tailspin and challenges everything they know to be true. What is it? That’s for you to decide. It can be anything you dream of! The challenge is maintaining your character’s personality during this adrenaline-filled scene. A character who is prone to shyness and caution may not be the first to jump into the foray, and if they do, be prepared to explain it. The opposite is also true--a character that is quick to act shouldn’t hesitate before jumping into action. Be creative with the unusual event and have fun with it! Just keep your character true to the personality you initially gave them.

    Your stories can be any length up to 6,000 words. Just a reminder: your stories must take place on present-day planet Earth, and your main character must not have any supernatural abilities. The event that occurs, however, can be out of this world if you wish--while still being on this planet--or as simple as dodging a bullet shot at them. The deadline for this round is Thursday, March 16th at 11:59PM MST. All content will be accepted. However, please don’t go too heavy on the gory, violent, or erotic details. Do not submit your links in this discussion until your story is ready to be judged (but be sure to post it before the deadline). No late entries will be accepted, and we do not offer deadline extensions. Any contestant who does not submit an entry by the deadline will be disqualified. Two contestants will be eliminated this round.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask them. One of us judges will respond as soon as we can.


    1. Trin Aster
    2. Mys Marie 
    3. Hannah E.

    1. Paris Pearl
    2. Adrianne Etheridge
    3. Abigail June

    1. Neah
    2. Sekerya Mackenzie
    3. Twinz

    1. Stephanie S
    2. Jane Apricity

    1. Elizabeth
    2. SS
    3. Hazel Gatoya

    Prompt suggested by Grant.


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    May I be in Tilda's group for this round?

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