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Figgy Idol

Like American Idol, only our contestants write. We are a multi-round, short story writing competition held annually-ish here on Figment. Anyone with any kind of experience is free to sign-up.

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ROUND SIX: Am I Alone In Here?

  • Untitled Icon-founder Ellie Williams

    Where and when a story takes place can almost be as vital to a story as the plot itself. It’s something a lot of writers tend to decide upon and then forget about. In reality, a lot of useful details can come from the scenery depictions. And a lot of confusion can also come about this task of setting and forgetting. Be sure to research the setting of your story prior to writing it so you do not get your details mixed up. Get a solid image of it in your head so you can accurately and thoroughly describe it to your readers. What you see in your head is what we want to see in ours.

    ROUND SIX: Am I Alone In Here?

    Have you ever woken up and not recognized the room you were in right away? It’s a unique feeling, surreal almost. It has the ability to be alarming and disorienting, and it can definitely trigger adrenaline. For this prompt, we are going to explore that idea.  You must write a story about a character that wakes up in an unfamiliar location. (It doesn’t necessarily have to be indoors or in the same universe or time period.) They have no recollection of how they got there or why.

    Since this prompt’s topic is setting, your character must use clues from the area surrounding them to figure out where they are. If they’re out in the open, what do they see that helps them figure out what kind of biome they’re in? What do they hear or feel? Are there any knick-knacks or decor on the shelves nearby that allows them go guess their location or time period? Any voices or sounds? Smells? Setting is more than just a location; it can set the tone for your entire piece.

    Be sure to also think about the following questions: Why did they fall asleep? (This could be as simple as your character merely being exhausted.) Where are they now? (Remember to use scenery details to clue the reader in.) Why were they brought to that location? Who brought them there? How did they get there? What must they do to get back home?

    Your stories can be any length up to 6,000 words and take place in any realm, place, or time. The deadline for this round is Sunday, May 7th at 11:59PM MST. All content will be accepted. However, please don’t go too heavy on the gory, violent, or erotic details. Do not submit your links in this discussion until your story is ready to be judged (but be sure to post it before the deadline). No late entries will be accepted, and we do not offer deadline extensions. Any contestant who does not submit an entry by the deadline will be disqualified. Two contestants will be eliminated this round.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask them. One of us judges will respond as soon as we can.


    1. Paris Pearl
    2. Jane Apricity

    1. Hazel Gatoya
    2. Stephanie S

    1. Mys Marie
    2. Sekerya Mackenzie


    1. Elizabeth
    2. Adrianne Etheridge

    Prompt suggested by Grant.



  • Cbdb92fe57c020651ea18e54a4f14769 Icon-non-member Mys Marie Post

    This is gonnabe great! Bonus points that it isn't due until after I finish finals lol. Can I work with Grant this round please?

  • Inktober_day_four_peeved_by_hazelgatoya-dbpgwwt Icon-member Hazel Gatoya

    Ooh! This sounds exciting. Can I be with Ellie this time?

  • E21481bc8b34a1dea9a29334f55ab390 Icon-member E. Anderson

    Hi! Can I be with Tilda this time, please?

  • Img_20170364_022218[1] Icon-member Sekerya Mackenzie

    Can I work with Grant this round please? :) Thanks

  • Stephanie2 Icon-member Stephanie S

    This will be fun! I'd like to work with Ellie, please!

  • Bd9d8oh Icon-member Paris Pearl

    May I work with Becka, please? Thanks!

  • Stephanie2 Icon-member Stephanie S

    I have a question: does the character have to be alone? Or can another be included in the story? 

  • 2 Icon-non-member Jane Apricity

    I'd like to work with Becka. 

  • Untitled Icon-founder Ellie Williams

    @Stephanie, the character does not have to be alone.

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