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Figgy Idol

Like American Idol, only our contestants write. We are a multi-round, short story writing competition held annually-ish here on Figment. Anyone with any kind of experience is free to sign-up.

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ROUND NINE: The Story Ends

  • Untitled Icon-founder Ellie Williams

    Top four. Out of the thirty-seven individuals who auditioned way back in January, you are the only surviving contestants. Just let that sink in for a minute. Over the last six months, we have seen you all grow and exceed all of our expectations. It’s been quite a journey, one that I’m incredibly happy to have shared with you all. Sadly, all good things must come to an end, and so must this.

    During the course of this competition, we’ve gotten a good idea of what areas you tend to struggle a bit with. We’ve left you feedback and suggestions, ways to improve your stories and push them to the next level. In our opinions, at any rate. I hope you’ve been paying attention because that will come in handy right… now.

    ROUND NINE: The Story Ends

    We are doing things a bit differently. Each of you will receive an individualized prompt. The prompt is based off of what you’ve submitted thus far in this competition and is designed to challenge you. After all, we can’t make this THAT easy, now can we? Here are your prompts:

    • Elizabeth: You must write a story about a character who lives in a faraway world, and their current way of living is under attack. How? Well, that’s up to you. Is their world being invaded? Has a new power come up the ranks and is playing dictator? Are your character’s species destroying their planet or is it coming to a natural end? Were they kidnapped and taken away from their home? How do they respond to the situation, and how does their civilization intend on moving forward? It can be anything you imagine, but changes must be coming, and your character cannot be 100% human.
    • Hazel Gatoya: You must write a story about an everyday person. This person cannot have magical abilities or fantastical friends. They get some shocking bit of news that changes their perspective on life. What is that news, and how do they respond to it? Is it good or bad news? How does it alter their future? This does not necessarily need to be realistic fiction, but your character cannot have extraordinary abilities.
    • Jane Apricity: You must write a realistic fiction that takes place in our current era centered around a person who has traveled to a big city for the first time. What is the purpose of their visit? Is it temporary or permanent? What is their end goal, and what do they hope to gain from this experience? What are they feeling? Excited? Scared? Overwhelmed? Regretting the decision? Hope? Anything is possible--as long as it’s realistic fiction.
    • Stephanie S: You must write a fictional piece that focuses on one character with fantastical abilities. What those abilities are is entirely up to you. Your character must be on a solo journey of epic proportions. What are they after? What is their goal? What kind of trials have they overcome, and what trials remain? You may incorporate other minor characters, but the focus must remain on your main character.

    NOTE: As always, the questions do not need to be addressed. I include them to get your mind thinking and creative juices flowing. And if it's not addressed explicitly, the decision is yours to make. I tried to make these as open as possible while still restricting you in a fashion we deemed would challenge you all the most.

    Your stories can be any length up to 6,000 words and take place in any realm, place, or time. The deadline for this round is Tuesday, June 27th at 11:59PM MST. All content will be accepted. However, please don’t go too heavy on the gory, violent, or erotic details. Do not submit your links in this discussion until your story is ready to be judged (but be sure to post it before the deadline). No late entries will be accepted, and we do not offer deadline extensions. Any contestant who does not submit an entry by the deadline will be disqualified. This will be the round that determines our winner!

    Remember: four of you are coming in, but only three will walk away with prizes. So, bring your very best and strive for that number one position! You each have it in you to win, I know it. I’ve seen your potential. Now, it’s up to you to prove it. Tell us why you should be the next Figgy Idol by writing the most legendary submission this competition has ever seen!

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask them. One of us judges will respond as soon as we can.



    Since this is the last round of the season, we are doing something a bit different. You may ask any judge you want for feedback despite how many other contestants they’re already working with. And the best part? You can ask how many ever judges you want. Request a review from one, three, or all five judges if you so wish. The decision is yours to make.

    I do have one tiny caveat: if you are wanting feedback from myself (Ellie), the last day I can submit reviews is Monday, June 26th. On June 27th, I will be heading out for a four-day training session for my internship in July and will not have access to the Internet. So, just a forewarning. Any requests for feedback I receive after 5PM MST on that Monday I will have to, regretfully, decline. I apologize in advance if this causes any issues.

    Good luck! Final four, bring us your best!



    • Elizabeth
    • Hazel Gatoya
    • Jane Apricity
    • Stephanie S

  • Stephanie2 Icon-member Stephanie S

    Here's my submission, Tarren's Way. No matter how this final round turns out, I'm so glad I was a member of this competition. I pushed myself with each story I created, and I've learned so much from every single review I've received. I can say I'm a stronger writer now than before I entered Figgy Idol, and that makes me immensely happy. 

  • Inktober_day_four_peeved_by_hazelgatoya-dbpgwwt Icon-member Hazel Gatoya

    I may, possibly, not have time to edit this. :/ Ah, well. If I don't and the competition kills me, I can still say that I had a lot of fun during this competition and I know that I grew a lot as a writer. That's the point of it all, so I'm happy with it. :)

  • 2 Icon-non-member Jane Apricity

    I think this is sort of like your graduation speech, right? But seriously, thank you for all the time that you judges put into this, and congratulations to the other contestants. I made sure to read as many of the other stories as I could, and not just so I would know the competition. Y'all are amazing. I've loved this so much. Now how am I going to know what to write without someone else telling me?? 

  • E21481bc8b34a1dea9a29334f55ab390 Icon-member E. Anderson

    Here's my entry (and, interestingly enough, I'm actually entering it from mountain time this round! Getting to go on a fun little road trip with my family)! Just want to say thank you to everyone who helped with this process, and congratulations to whoever wins! You are all amazing writers. Looking forward to participating in Season Five, in one way or another!

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