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Figgy Idol

Like American Idol, only our contestants write. We are a multi-round, short story writing competition held annually-ish here on Figment. Anyone with any kind of experience is free to sign-up.

Discussion began on 07/06/2017

Season 4 Survey

  • Untitled Icon-founder Ellie Williams

    At the end of every season (season three not included), I make a survey as a way to gather feedback on how the previous season went. Whether it was the success I thought it was or the failure I blinded myself to, this is how I find out. I ask that everyone who participated in any capacity (judge, contestant, or spectator) complete this survey. I'm always trying to find ways to improve the Figgy Idol experience, and this has been the most helpful.

    There are two ways you can attempt this.

    I have created a Google Forms for those of you who wish for complete anonymity. This can be found here.

    If you do not wish to submit the survey through Google Forms and would rather stay here, you can find the survey below. Your responses will be hidden as soon as I see them, so don't worry about your comments being viewed by too many people. If you fill out the survey here, please delete the giant chunks of words I have placed in italics; this makes it easier for me to find your comments.

    No matter which way you choose, please read the instructions carefully. If you have any questions regarding the survey, please ask me here or on my wall. Thank you to everyone who does this small favor for me!


    What season(s) have you participated in? (select all that apply)

    • Season 1
    • Season 2
    • Season 3
    • Season 4

    What role(s) have you held? (select all that apply)

    • Contestant
    • Judge
    • Spectator

    What was your role in season four? (select one)

    • Contestant
    • Judge
    • Spectator

    What has been the most rewarding aspect of Figgy Idol for you?

    What do you wish had been a little different?

    What is your opinion on the prompts for season four?
    Our decision to focus on different aspects of writing for each prompt was a new idea for us this season, and we are trying to gauge how successful we were at it. Were there some prompts we did better with than others? Which was your favorite? Least favorite? What challenged you--in a good way--the most? Your feedback will help us modify future prompts or scratch this idea entirely.

    How do you think we handled the feedback groups this season?
    This is an aspect we have been modifying for three seasons now, each season having a different approach. We know how we feel about this design, but we want to know how you feel. Did you like getting to choose which judge you worked with each round? If not, how would you change it? (For reference, season two had us pre-assigning the feedback groups each round, rotating which judge worked with which contestants. These groups were not permanent. Then, last season the judges picked which contestants they wanted to work with, leaving the final decision up to the contestant. Sort of like The Voice. These groups were permanent throughout the duration of the competition with no changing of your assigned judges.)

    Did you like having the top/bottom writers announced? If yes, how did this help you? If no, how can we improve this idea?

    Overall, what is your opinion on Figgy Idol?
    What can we implement in the future to improve the experience? What things should we keep? How did the competition make you feel personally? Do you have any final thoughts that you wish to share with us?


    Once again, thank you for your time and feedback! If you would like to personally address anything regarding Figgy Idol, have ideas you want us to consider, want to help out with next season, have suggestions for prompts, or anything else, please get in touch with me on my wall.


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