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The Capricious Cover Shoppe

A unique cover shop for all those seeking business in quality covers. | Now looking for Cover Designers and Customers. | Read the rules!

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Welcome: Hello and thank you for checking out The Capricious Cover Shoppe! The admins and moderators here want to make this group environment safe, fun, and professional! So, please cooperate and read the Rules and Regulations

Cover Designers: If you're looking to be a cover designer and have your own studio here in the group; please go to the application in the discussions and submit your form! You will be informed if you are accepted or not. Even if we're not hiring; please submit your application so when an opening comes up we can fill it with the next eligible applicant. Thank you!

Customers: If you're looking for a quality cover; look no further! Feel free to browse our Cover Designers and their studios to find the designer you're comfortable with placing an order with. We make sure all our covers are quality covers and that you have amazing customer satisfaction! We want to be such a professional group that  you to come back and recommend us to your friends!


  • We're still looking for new members and designers! So join! Share! Invite! And apply! We'll be more than happy to have you as a member of our Figment Group Family! 
  • Please welcome our newest designers and moderators, Stephanie and Eloise! Make sure to check out their beautiful covers in their studios here in the discussions and check out their writing pieces on their profiles! Give them a reaction and review!
  • We would love to welcome our newest members to The Capricious Cover Shoppe! Rachel, Natalie, and Reid! Take a look at their writing pieces on their profile and give them a reaction and review! 
  • Attention: Please, out of courtesy.. Read the rules when you join! And all I ask if that if you're a designer wanting to have your own cover studio. Please apply in the discussion Cover Designer Application, but DO NOT make a discussion for your own studio UNTIL YOU ARE GIVEN CONFIRMATION. If you are not given confirmation, all discussions posted will be deleted! Whether by applicants or members. Only moderators and admins are allowed to make cover studios and discussions. Otherwise, all discussions for necessary topics are already made and you can post a tread/message there. Thank you! 

Author of the Week: B.K. Rivers - I know she's not a member, but... Check her out; I recommend her writing piece "Surface"! Beautifully written!

Book of the Week: Salt and Burn the Bones - Kelsi Skye, amazing fanfiction if you're into Supernatural! Or just generally into fanfics! 


Cover Designer of the Week: Eloise Maybelle!

Cover of the Week: 



Now looking for partnerships!

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