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Discussion began on 06/08/2017

Summer Contest! {WINNERS POSTED!!!}

  • Theia Icon-non-member Cynthia Silver☾✯

    SIGN-UPS CLOSED. PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY BY 11:59 PST, September 1st, 2017!!!



    Summer! Literally the brightest season of the year! (At least, if you live in the Northern Hemisphere.) Such a joyous time, filled with sunshine, warmth, relaxation, and enjoying the happiness life can offer us!

    So why not make it rain a little?


    Your prompt:

    Write a poem/story about someone saying goodbye. The circumstances of the farewell do not matter; only note that the goal is to make it as devastatingly, heartbreakingly, tear-inducingly tragic as possible.


    Sounds fun, right? Still feel like smiling? Hopefully I won't after reading what you all come up with!



    -Should be at least 100 words. No more than 2,000.

    -Keep it at a PG-13 level in terms of graphic content.

    -Must follow the prompt.

    -Must be new and by you.

    -Each person is allowed up to two submissions.

    If entry does not follow all rules, it will not be judged.


    Judging Rubric:

    -35% It follows the prompt.

    -35% Originality and creativity.

    -30% Spelling, grammar, etc.



    First Place- Three reviews on any pieces*

    Second Place- Two reviews on any pieces*

    Third Place- One review on any piece*

    *Each review is for a piece under 3,000 words


    Due Date:

    11:59 PST, September 1st, 2017


    Sign-ups and Submissions!

    To sign up, simply let me know in the comments below with something along the lines of "I'll join!", and I'll add you to the list! Once you've submitted your entry(ies) in the same comments thread below, I'll bold your name so I can keep track!

             Sign-ups are closed after August 1st!

    -Kiamesha Denise Sims

    -Tess Segal

    -Summer Cummings

    -Steven Atwood

    -Hells Night



    -Madison L.H.


    -A.R. KYRON

    -Sue Midlock

    -The Faery Tarotist

    -Courtney Dozier


    -Luna Moonlight Nightmare

    -Michael Cassera

    -Mina Autumn

    -Scarlett rivers

    -Jessica (Jazza)

    -Chelsie Derman

    -Tanuma Kuroyike

    -Eowyn Doyle

    -Bailey C.

    -Alecia Wells

    -Isabel S.

    -Gabriella Yoshimura

    -Ignorant To Life

    -Janessa Wilson


    -Dakota Beegle


    -Haffed Ali

    -Malena Gleason


    Any other questions or concerns, please direct them to my profile, not here! Thank you!





  • Win_20171002_15_52_16_pro Icon-member Kiamesha Denise Sims

    Definitely trying this. Where do I sign up?


  • Img_2612 Icon-member Tess Segal

    Does this comment alone count as a sign up?

  • Nasa space2 Icon-member Summer Cummings

    This sounds fun, I'm already brainstorming my piece. :)

  • Img_0624 Icon-member Steven Atwood

    I'll join :)

  • Images (3) Icon-member Hells Night

    Sure. I'll join. I'll also do my best.

  • Vivi Icon-member ThisThing

    I want to join just for the fun of it.

  • Vivi Icon-member ThisThing


  • Chromata-capture (5) Icon-member Vox

    i'll do it

  • Images (3) Icon-member Hells Night Here it is

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