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Ellie's Classroom

We've been relocated. The new group is "Our Classroom".

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RECENT UPDATES (5/7/2016) ----- URGENT!!! READ THIS!!! -----

HELLO EVERYONE! I would like to inform any active group members that ELLIE'S CLASSROOM WILL BE MOVING ON MAY 21ST.  05/21/16.

Due to inactivity and general clutter that we are too lazy to clean up, but mainly because this group was a group effort and we want to recreate it in a new group,WE WILL BE CREATING A NEW AND IMPROVED GROUP CALLED "OUR CLASSROOM". 

WE WANT YOU TO BE A PART OF IT! Start sending in ideas people! You can post your ideas for the new group in a discussion called "Our Classroom". It can range from games and lessons, to invites and cool book challenges! LET US KNOW! AGAIN, MAY 21ST. TWO WEEKS FROM NOW!  ALL DISCUSSIONS WILL BE CLEARED OUT EXCEPT FOR A NOTE IN THE DESCRIPTION OF THE GROUP NOTIFYING ALL INACTIVE MEMBERS THAT WE HAVE MOVED. 

 We hope to see you soon! Thank you for your participation! Stay in school! ;) 

       -MISS KATE




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