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Characters Within Us

This is a group where your beloved characters (and villains)can interact and be themselves freely. This is where those characters within you can be released to do as they please.

Group Details

In this group, characters from everyone's books, novels, short stories, etc. can come and interact freely. They can talk to each other, compete with each other in contests, have crossovers, and you yourself (yes, the writer) can even talk about those characters trapped within the world you have created. There will be a lot of activities, and I'll look to YOU guys for advice because I value your input. But remember to be careful and not reveal any of your future plans in front of your characters, they might revolt! ;) This is basically a character roleplay group, with a little more added.



  • No cussing or questionable/rude content
  • No bullying of other writers
  • Have fun and don't be shy!! Let your characters out!
  • Please do not start new discussions unless you ask first
  • Always be kind and, if you want someone to do anything related to characters, feel free to ask. This is a fairly open group
  • Fanfiction characters are allowed
  • Also, please do not have sexual content, erotica, slash (which is to say, homosexual stuff), etc.
  • Please do not discuss religious/social/political views on the world. Thanks!
  • NOTE: PLEASE BE AS ACTIVE AS POSSIBLE. I do understand that writers are extremely busy people, so if you know you're going to be fairly inactive, please at least stop by one of our mod or admins' pages to let them know about your absence at least once every 2-3 weeks.


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