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Horror Hotel (a roleplay)

its a vacation and its a cheap little hotel but you can deal with it, the owner didn't say anything bad about it, until you all get there and she's gone, what the hell is going on...

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It's vacation time coming again, and you decide to settle down in a little hotel that doesn't cost much, just right for you, the place doesn't look shabby but it looks a little shady, but what hotel doesn't? anyway as soon as you get there and settle in the owner goes missing, what do you think is going on, and how do you plan to escape the horror?

History of Hotel: Built in 1866 and is still going on today, owner is trying to find someone to help her out with it so she can leave the horror, once you and others come she can't believe it and leaves.

*this rp may get a little gory, this is pg13*


*I only wanna specify ONE thing, Please I AM BEGGING YOU, If you don't know how to roleplay I ask you not to join, I don't mean to sound rude but if you're not experienced with rp don't join this group*

*Rules in a different discussion*

Please do not yell at me to do stuff, i'm on a busy schedule.


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