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A Brand New World [A Role Play]

A city, Tolle, enclosed by a large wall; Scavengers outside the wall that Tolle Citizens refer to as "Savages." The year is 2155. Do you make your own rules or is everything chosen for you?

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Inside Tolle and outside Tolle are complete opposites.


Inside Tolle: everyone is ruled by five council members, ranging in age. At twenty, you are given a job. At twenty-one, you are given a mate and immediately must produce a child, who will be born before you turn twenty-two. At twenty-four, you are to produce another child. At twenty-seven, you are to produce your third and final child. If you get pregnant before, after, or in between said periods, you will be forced to terminate. If multiples are produced, you will be forced to give birth, then send all but one outside Tolle to be raised by the savages. If you get pregnant before you are married, you and the person who impregnated you, will be prosecuted, possibly thrown outside of Tolle forever to fend on your own. In Tolle, nothing is your choice; it's all predetermined for you. Some people aren't mated for life and don't have children if they are chosen for the career path of Tolle scavengers, who go out of the city to search for particular things. Also, everyone in Tolle is born in September or October.

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Outside Tolle: there are multiple clans all around the country, up to ten different families in each. Each clan has a leader (usually, but not always) a married couple the clan members trust, a doctor, a nurse, two cooks, and two groups of scavengers, seven members in each. The rest of the clan members don't particularly have a job; they do whatever they can to help: serve beer at the "Saloon," knit clothing from fabrics, etc. The best thing about living in a clan and not inside Tolle: you get to make your own choices. Every choice you make is your own. You can marry whoever you want, have however many kids you want, when you want, etc.

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Joining. If you are going to join, please only do so if you actually want to be involved in the role play. Do not join if you plan to only post like, once a day, if that. Please post more often if possible.

Quitting. Please do not join if you plan on quitting. Please don't join and then turn around and quit if you're upset about something or if you think you're too busy. Talk to me first, please. Quitting only kills the role play. Little to no posting kills the role play too.

Sex. Sex is allowed in the roleplay, but please take it to another discussion or 'skip'. 

Cussing. Cussing/cursing is allowed! No one is a saint.

Characters. You may have as many characters as you can handle. I tend to make a lot, but I don't tend to use them all very often. Making excess characters if you won't use them often isn't such a smart idea, but if you want to make them, at least be sure to be able to keep up with the ones you will be using. You MUST have more than one character; at least a boy and girl.

Role Play. You are NOT permitted to join in on the role play unless your characters are fully finished. That means no 'TBA/TBD' on history, personality or anything else. Everything must be filled out before starting to role play or joining any discussions.

Episodes. The roleplay will be set in parts, probably titled as "June" or "August" or "January" and such of that year. Maybe just "Episode one", "Episode two" or even "Day one" and "Day two". I should give fair warning for when the next one will begin.

Discussions. Please read all discussions, no matter what. They all have important information in them.

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