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Ambiance - A Figment Newsletter

*a division of Figgie Fighters* A bi-weekly newsletter featuring stories, poems, educational articles, and writing advice written by you! Details inside.

Group Details

We are a bi-weekly e-zine (internet/email-based magizine) that loves to feature writing by you! We have been running for around a month now, and we are excited to hear so much feedback!

If you are uncomfortable giving us your email, let us know; we have a second option (although you will receive emails later than everyone else).

---No shaming. No bullying. Anything of the sort will not be tolerated, and you will be removed from the group. We are accepting of people from every walk of life, not just our own. Please, be respectful.

---Please keep any sexual topics at a minimum. A 'that's what she said joke' is one thing, but having sexual discussions within the group are prohibited. 

---When giving suggestions, whether to other's works or for the group itself, please refrain from being rude. Be polite. We are more likely to listen to your suggestions that way.

---Have fun! And don't forget to say 'hi' to Cackles the Cactus!

Darth Turbatus (Ducky): Founder and Admin at here at Ambiance, and staff member of both Figgy Fighters (our sister group), and Amazing Figment, (a YouTube channel dedicated to sharing work made by Figgies, run by Auroni D Emile, AKA Kyron). She is obsessed with peppermint, too many fandoms to name, and her soon-to-be husband Liam (also on Figment). Her urban fantasy titled Brinly Callister and the Broken Border is her baby; she recommends you read it.

Irene Grey: Admin and occasional author here at Ambiance, and staff member of Figgy Fighters. She is a tea-loving, Sherlock watching author who loves to sew dresses with pockets in them. She is an incredibly kind Figgie with lots of love and tea-spewing humor, and a talented writer as well. Her fantas novel To Rise Or Be Struck Down is a work of art, and deserves more reads than it has received.

Haley Kissell: Admin and staff member of Ambiance, as well as Admin, staff member, and founder of Figgy Fighters. Our little cinnamon roll, as we love to call her around here, is kind as can be and greats everyone with kindness here on Figment. She also has nearly finished her own murder mystery novella Floor 13, and I think it is worth reading all the way through!

Sabby Lianne: Admin and advertiser here at Ambiance. A young writer who continues to astound us, and is our newest member! She is kind, thoughtful, and her bubbly personality makes it no wonder to you guys why we made her staff! Her story Memoirs Of A Physic Person is a work in progress, and one with an interesting plot you guys should follow!


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