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Guild Wars 2: Zhaitan & Aquanzergan

Our heroes have been captured by the notorious Pirate Captain Naizen Koh. They are being taking somewhere to some arena but other evil forces are at work and soon the world of Tyria will fear the...

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This is the third installment to my two other RPs. Guild Wars 2 Heart of the Mist and Guild Wars 2 Mordremoth's Plan. That were made on NaNoWriMo YWP!

The Story

Our heroes have been captured by the notorious Pirate Captain Naizen Koh. They now fight for their lives in an arena everyday. But other evil forces are at work and soon the world of Tyria will fear the Alliance of two Elder Dragons! Zhaitan & Aquanzergan!



2.) All content must be appropriate for all ages... no exceptions.

3.) Respect your fellow roleplayers/writers. It's not polite to "godmod" or "bunny" (that is, take control of someone else's character without their permission.)

4.) If you're not sure where to jump in, ask (usually the person who posted the thread is a good person to ask, or one of the moderators.)

5.) No bad language. It's just how I grew up and I still stick with it (no swearing, no f-bombs, no crap, no shut up, no "a" words, curses, and no damn or dammit, and other weird variants of the words.) Darn, and shut your door is fine. Any questions on this just ask.

6.) Romance and violence are allowed, but please keep it age-appropriate. (kissing is allowed but please not to much.)

7.) FanFiction characters. Okay if you want to bring any characters from your Guild Wars 2 FanFictions that is fine. (though nerf them if the are OP.)

8.) Content is More Important Than Volume (RPers don't expect a four page English essay for a post, but at the same time, we don't want to see one composed of one or two sentences. The content of your posts is the most important thing, as it shows your character reacting to the world around them and interacting with the people around them in as realistic a manner as possible within their personalities. It's important to put some effort into your posts to make them believable and a lot easier to understand and react to. If your posts don't convey much then you shouldn't really expect people to take you very seriously in an RP.)

9.) Finish What You Started (I sort of have a rule; if an RP never reaches a conclusion, then it isn't considered canon. There is plenty of good reason for this. Since RPing is a collaborative experience and one where everyone benefits, then it's important to remember that getting involved in an adventure means that that adventure was something everyone's characters went through. If this adventure never reached a conclusion, then that means that everything that had happened was effectively lost or wasted. While RPers have no problem with having a retroactive backstory or continuity, things that don't need an entire RP to have happened, there is something left to be desired when actually taking part in one. 

When people join an RP, they are excited about the prospect and begin formulating ways in which they can take part in the plot. When an RP dies due to inactivity, or due to the creator's own carelessness, then it only serves to demotivate people from RPing altogether, especially if this becomes a regular occurrence. In short, if you happen to start an RP, have a good idea of where you want to go with it and make sure you see it to it's finale.)

10.) Do Not Play Mary-Sues. Just make sure your character is realistic that they have flaws. No one wants to play with or against a character who is perfect in every way.


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