Blood in the snow
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Blood in the Snow (RP)

A school, a murder, and countless secrets lying just beneath the surface.

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**This is a slow moving rp- whether you have class, work, or other rps, if you can't be on for a few hours at a time you won't fall too far behind.**

On a cold, winter day, just past four in the morning, there was a brutal murder at Liber Logaeth, a boarding school in the mountains. Long since known for its excellence in teaching both arts and sciences, this is the first time something of this magnitude has happened. But, in the aftermath of this crime, tension, scandals, and secrets will finally reach a boiling point even as the ground outside freezes.

3 days before the murder

About the RP:

As mentioned above, it will take place at a boarding school in winter. It will start 3 days before the killing, to allow the killer and victim to become a part of the rp, although, the main plot will happen after.

Characters: available characters include students(no older than 19 please), teachers(25+), and staff(18+). For the sake of the roleplay, almost everyone will be involved in a scandal or secret of one kind; this is a drama rp above all, and these characters aren't meant to be realistic. I'd ask that you make at least 2 characters, although as many as you're comfortable playing is great.

If you'd like, you can play either the killer or the victim. There will be a spot on the character form to indicate if you're comfortable playing one of the two characters, and before the rp starts I'll notify the murderer and give them the option of who they want to kill.

Content: After the initial killing, the story can get as dramatic as you want; will your character take advantage of the chaos to beat up the student they've always hated? Overdose on heroin? Commit a murder of their own? Anything goes(as long as you've checked with the other roleplayer), so this is a Mature roleplay.

Also, nothing is set in stone at this point, so if there's anything you feel would make more sense or should be left out entirely, feel free to comment on it! Most of all, I want this to be a fun, interesting rp that everyone can keep up with :D


1. Make at least 2 characters

2. Anything goes, but if you're going to do something to another person's character, ASK THEM FIRST

3. Additionally, put a trigger warning (for example, TW: drug use) at the top of your post, so someone who might not be comfortable with that can avoid it.

4. Sex- since this is a mature rp, there's a chance it will happen. However, since the details aren't relevant and there are minors on this site, sex should be implied or cut away from.

That's all for now, but I'll add more if I think of anything.

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