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Time of Death

In an isolated city, where your death is already determined, somebody lives after their death date and all of the city's secrets begin to leak.

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  **This is not my original idea, I saw this RP and thought it was interesting but it had died. I'm gonna try to get it going again and see if I can have it go and finished.**

  When a person is born, they have a countdown to their death date. It goes the exact millisecond of when you will die. You don't know how, and you don't know where, but you know when. 

  In Modon city this is a normal thing, they all know when they will die, and live their lives to the fullest to try and make an impact before their time runs out. 

  But when a young girl's time runs out, and she's still alive, questions begin to rise. How is this possible? 

  The government scramble to try and find the girl, and to capture her to see why she didn't die. 

  But the underground rebel group is trying to find her too. 

  This is a race, a race to find one girl, a race to expose the government, a race to escape. 

  What secrets do the government hold, and how does it connect to the time of deaths? 



  1. Be active. I want all of you to understand this is important. The last one I looked it didn't keep going because people weren't active. If you are not active, things will slow down and die off. So if this is an RP you're interested in, please be sure to be active in it! I get that we all get busy, and I don't expect you to be here 24/7. I mean, I'm usually not on during the weekends. But don't disappear for a week without saying anything. XD

  2. No one-liners. One liners, SUCK. Okay, they're not fun at all. Describe, describe your characters feelings in the moment they're in. Are they scared? Are they breathing heavy, is is cold so when they breath fog appears? Don't be vague, I expect at least FIVE sentences in each post. That's just one paragraph. 

  3. Be careful with swearing. I'm not against it, but honestly your character doesn't need to cuss every other sentence. I get sometimes, like people cuss when they stub their toe or something. But they don't need to do that all that time. 

  4. Same thing with sex. Not everyone likes sex. I'm not going to stop you though. If your character is going to have sex, you have TWO options. Number one being to skip it, you can like describe just before they really get nasty, then "fade away" to the end of it all. OR, number two, you can go to a different discussion and go into whatever description you want. Let me know when y'all are done so I can delete it though. 

  5. No bullying OOC. Honestly, this should be a no-duh thing. But I have to put it here. Bullying and being rude OOC is not okay, and will not be tolerated. Ever. You just don't do it. 

  6. Make sure your characters are done. Make sure before you post in the RP, that your character is 100% done. The character sheet is there so you can get to know your character yourself and be able to post about them without any hardship. So before you join in on the RP, just make sure your character is done. 

  7. HAVE FUN. This RP is meant to be FUN. So have fun, relax, and just enjoy how things turn out. I love to RP, because there are so many different things you can do with them! So be creative, and just have fun!

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