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Kingdom Come (RP)

The world has been reset and mankind has succumbed to a fate worse than death. In this great conflict, many will be caught, like a great beast swallowing us all whole...

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The Beginning of the End

I remember the great stories. The ones our elders tell us that's been passed on from generation to generation. About the one event that had led up to all of this. It goes a little something like this; On the brink of the late 2010s, a incident had occurred known today now as "The Rapture". Named appropriately for it's biblical impact and apocalyptic aftermath. The very earth beneath us were split and torn apart by massive gaping fissures and cracks in the ground. From these fissures rose an unholy mist, "The Miasma" as they called it. The Miasma blotted out the sky and turned our very atmosphere green with it's sickly gas.

The Miasma invaded our bodies, rapidly and violently assaulting our systems. En masse, millions of people around the world succumbed to violent fevers. Fevers so hot that the very skin on our bodies became hot red and the very blood in our veins were quite literally boiling. Within a matter of hours, after excruciating fits of coughing, vomitting and seizures, the victims would die. 

Those that were not already infected fled underground into massive, airtight, makeshift cities housing millions of uninfected refugees. What was left of the order and concord of our world above immediately disappeared and for what seems like hundreds of years we barely managed to survive down here on what few resources we have left. However, a dilemma had arose. Our food supply was beginning to run out, along with any clean water, and fresh air. These massive cities built within the ground were airtight and held only a limited amount of fresh air. Deciding to take a risk, the few brave and bold who'd an adventurous spirit and ambition decided to leave the comfort of the underground cities and attempt to find if there was anything left of the world above. What we'd found next would haunt us for the rest of our lives and came back to literally bite us in the ass. 

"In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet; for the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised imperishable, and we will be changed."

-Corinthians, 15:52


Our oppressors. Our saviors. The 'next step in evolution'. The divine proof of god's plan. Whatever you wanna call them, it doesn't make a difference. They're all pretty much the same. They're pretty intelligent, quite honestly pretty much on our level. Only they're much more feral. We call them Vamps, because of their tendencies to kidnap some of us and eat us alive, but they call themselves Fae.

You see, when the miasma rose and people began to fall to violent fevers, they didn't exactly 'die' per se. It was more like a comatose stage where their hearts stopped and all bodily functions paused. They were asleep. This sort of little 'slumber' would range either from a few hours to a whopping couple of years. In this period of being asleep, or rather comatose, their bodies would begin to change. Their entire body structure.

Their muscles would thicken and become much springier, tough, but agile kinda like a lion or a chimp. Their bones would harden and change shape completely to be able to withstand more shock, their skin was twice as tough as ours and their organs and innards? Don't even get me started. In this comatose they would undergo an entire evolution cycle and become a completely different type of creature. However the most important thing that's changed is their appetite. 

Kind of like how a predators need raw meat from a living creature, they work in the exact same way. The first few years alone were exceptionally brutal. As the Vamps started waking up from their slumber, there would be vamps, en masse, on the streets either eating each other alive, running for their lives to avoid being eaten or running after their prey for a meal. Left, right and center, the slaughter would continue for months at a time before they finally realized what had become of them. 

Over the years society changed. Things were more tribalistic, if you will. More barbaric, kind of like the early days of humanity. Hunter gatherer societies, you get the idea. You couldn't tell friend from foe or prey from predator. It wasn't until a few years later that they became a bit more civilized. Kingdoms and hierarchies started forming. Wars started being waged over territory, countries would be established. Politics had returned to this horrifying new world. Things were pretty good for a while. Then we showed up. 

"For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places."

-Ephesians, 6:12

Human Nature

Do they have a right to exist, or do we have a right to exist? When it comes right down to it, almost every war in history has boiled down to that one single, simple question. Now, the stakes have been raised even higher. 

When the first few humans showed up above ground to explore and came across the first few Vamps, things were... pretty ugly to say the least. You see, to them Vamps, us humans are a delicacy. We taste great. We aren't a threat to them cause we can't eat them and they are a threat to us because they can eat us. You see what I'm getting at? The perfect livestock. Not only that, we give them a reason to stop being violent towards themselves. Instead of eating each other, they can eat us now.

Negotiations failed after the first hostage situation when they'd came and raided one of our underground settlements. They ate the kidnapped hostages alive right in front of us. Needless to say that was how the first contact war started. Over the years a series of these wars had sprung out all across the land. We were tired, exhausted and afraid. They were excited, hungry and full of energy. It's pretty obvious that we lost. That brings us to where we are now. 

A few weeks ago we rescued you from one of their holding facilities. A pen. A farm, like for animals. To them that's all that you and we are. Livestock. They breed you, they keep you imprisoned and they fatten you up until they harvest you and eat you. But you know what I say to that? I say that we. Were here. First. This is our world, not theirs.

It isn't a matter of what's right and what's wrong anymore. No more good and evil. No more black and white. It's a matter of us or them.

Now... What about you? Do you choose us or them?

"Put your sword back into its place; for all those who take up the sword shall perish by the sword." 

Matthew, 26:52-53


The Fae, or as the humans derogatorily call them, Vamps, are a very meticulous society. Despite their repertoire of swiftness and brutality when hunting and eating humans, they pride themselves on being a very cultured society. By their mentality, the cowardly humans who retreated underground have no right to live above ground and belong under ground to be kept as livestock.

The Faeish society is one of a more war-like and brutish one favoring strength and agility over intelligence and dexterity. When hunting humans and partaking in territorial wars between tribes and countries, they prefer to use non-combustible weaponry designed more for manual or melee use. The use of spears, swords, clubs and very occasionally bows and arrows are favored by the Fae as when hunting and battling, the use of these weapons do not taint the meat of their victims when compared to guns which embed led, gunpowder and other chemicals into the meat when used.

The land that was once known as "America" has been split into several territories, kingdoms and countries being held sovereignty by a dominant tribe. However, most Fae are vagrants and vagabonds that roam the land either with a nomadic tribe or by their lonesome. These travelling Fae who choose not to live in a settlement or a city are aligned to no one and have no obligation to any one country. The current standing countries are that of; The Confederacy of Dixie-Georgia, Republic of New Mexico, The Republic of Texas, The Kingdom of the Great Plains, California, Columbia, The Empire of Louisiana and The New England Democracy.


Humans have lived underground for so long that the idea of sunlight or fresh air in of itself is a foreign idea to them. Being the last remnants of what was once the United States of America, they operate on a similar government style, although very barely. Airtight city-states governed by a standing Mayor are interconnected with tunnels and subways. What is left of the few humans not held in captivity by the Fae use these underground tunnels and settlements as bases of operations. 

Despite the incredible change in situation, the temperament, society and culture of mankind has not changed very much. Despite being quite frail and weak, mankind prides itself in it's accomplishments when united with one another. Being unable to withstand battle one on one against a Fae, humans resort to advanced weaponry and protection in order to even remotely stand a chance. The use of highly cutting-edge weaponry and protection is comandeered the rebels underground, the use of such technology levels the playing field when against the brute strength of the Fae. From vehicles to guns to even high-tech pieces of armor left behind by the old military, humans are quite advanced. 

Like the Fae, most humans who are not under the captivity of the Fae, however, are vagrants and vagabonds choosing to wander the tunnels and fend for themselves, relying only on themselves. The rebel groups that continue to resist the power of the Fae desperately attempt to recruit these vagrants, however it seems mutual mistrust and a lack of interest or compassion and sympathy for one another is what fails them both. It seems even the end of the world does nothing to halt human nature. 


No godmoding/Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu

No bullying or controversial remarks, unless in RP

Do not kill another person's character or your own without planning it out with them first, as it may very well be important to the plot/storyline

A total of only 3 characters are allowed for each RPer, if you happen to be more active then you can bump it up to 4 characters

Mature RP, sex, drugs and gore WILL be a part of this so if you can't stomach or are uncomfortable by that stuff it's probably best if you leave

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