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Crash (Roleplay)

This roleplay isn't originally mine, but I liked it a lot. It failed in the end, but maybe I can try to revive it? (See for more details)

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You have just gotten an acceptance letter to Grace Academy, one of the most famous private schools around. It teaches you the arts, such as culinary or drama. You pack your bags, say goodbye to your parents, and get on the plane to begin your new journey.

After the plane begins its flight, you get to know your fellow students. The plane is only carrying teenagers accepted into Grace Academy. After getting to know the others, watching a few movies, eating a dinner the plan enters dangerous winds. There is an unexpected storm the plane must fly through. There is no emergency landing due to being thousands of miles from civilization. The storm forces the plane to crash. But on an island. And island not seen on radars...

This island is full of mysterious and dangerous creatures. You and the others must survive and try to get off this island. There is no radio, no way to call for help. There are miles and miles of water surrounding you. Will you and the others survive...?

(I didn't write everything above, that was @Space Cheatah. He is the original maker of this roleplay and I have no help in making it.)

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