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The Immortals (RP)

Living for centuries upon centuries, you stumble across a school for all immortals, no matter their past.

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Hi sorry I kinda lost the feeling to roleplay so that is why I wasn't involved with anything but I just finished this first book in the series and it's really good it is called Immortal Beloved, and it's kind of a cheesy novel but I liked it, especially because of how they use magic in the school, because usually immortals are more dark magic, but this school would teach light magic.

As for the past your characters can be from anywhere and any time period, but the teachers must be a little older than the students. Just remember most immortals have had bad lives/experiences, so make them interesting. 

As far as characters go make a lot of variation. 

And remember these characters are not perfect and must have flaws. 

Also I'm doing this on my school laptop so forgive me for having no cover picture.



PLEASE DO NOT JOIN IF YOU ARE PLANNING ON QUITTING! If you miss a lot of posts I can catch you up, no need to join and leave right away. 

Business: I know some of us have school and such, and I'm in High School, so I got you. Plus I do cheer and band, so my summer is extremely busy, as well as September-November. 

It's okay to take a hiatus or if you're gonna be busy just tell me so I know you won't be on for a while and I need to fill you in. 

Do not control other's characters. Self explanatory. 

Sex: Allowed, but skip or take it somewhere else. 

Swearing:  It's fine with me. 

Characters: Please make two at a minimum. Max is free range. Make ten if you feel like it. But remember to make GENDERS EVEN please. So if you have only two characters, one is a boy, and the other a girl. 

This is LGBT friendly!

I do want some varieties in charries!

Make sure to look at every discussion.

 Make sure to fill out your skeletons before starting the role play! And time zone wise, just tell me if you have any concerns!

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