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The Review Group

Want to have your story reviewed? Want to have some helpful and encouraging feedback? Step right in! We have covers, too!

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This is the group where you receive encouraging, in-depth review on your stories, no matter the length or genre. You can say if you want a review to concentrate on plot, characters, wording, and much more! Here at The Review Group, we want to help you become the absolute best writer you can be!


  • Please fill out a form for each book you want me to review, without this I won't know what you want me to review or what you wish me to concentrate on!
  • No creating discussions without permission from an Admin or Mod
  • We have a discussion for each main genre so make sure to place your review request in the correct discussion
  • Only add the book you want reviewed and make sure to remove it once it has been reviewed
  • Have fun! 
Comment Writing Is Productive Daydreaming in the chat discussion if you have read this far!

Note: I am not good at reviewing poems but if you are, please apply to be an Admin or Mod. I will then create a discussion for poem reviews and you can run it.

New thing! If you want, I can make a cover for the book you want me to review, but it isn't free. You'll have to read and like one of my stories. 

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