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The Writer's Workshop

A place for you to hone your skills through advice, contests, games, and more. We welcome anybody and everybody, so long as you have a passion for writing! Now hiring and sponsoring. NEW CONTEST!

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Welcome, travelers from near and far! In some way or another, you have managed to acquire directions to this quaint little place, and now you are here. Whether you stay or go is completely up to you. But now, at this moment, it is time for me to introduce this lovely community.

The Writer’s Workshop was thought up by yours truly one evening out of a rather nasty bout of boredom, first as just a place to improve character development, but then to help with all aspects of writing. After all, there is no such thing as a perfect piece, and I should know- having more than a few unfinished drafts sitting around my Google Drive, waiting for me to come back and cringe at the terrible narration in them.

Though this group is currently under construction (this will change as we gain more members), I promise to you that what it will become eventually, after a few days (or weeks) of hard work from the pioneers who decide to join first, this will be a group worth fighting for. I plan to integrate a number of different activities and forms of multimedia to help with writing skills, including contests, games, advice chats, and possibly role-playing. All I need is your help.

In join, you must make a few promises to me. First, that you will respect all other members of the community, whether you choose to like them or not. Second, any political or controversial discussions should take place outside of this group, unless specifically stated otherwise by me (or another administrator). Lastly, all work shared through this group should have, at the most, a PG-13 rating. Hopefully this isn’t too strict; I’m just trying to prevent anything too graphic from coming through. If you want to discuss any alterations to these guidelines, please see me on my profile.

Thank you so much for visiting the Workshop! Hopefully, I’ll see many of you who read this very soon, whether it be through the chat, or while you’re applying for a position. More specific details about this group can be found in the individual discussions below.


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The Creativity Bay uses a system of tokens, which you can use to earn reviews and other prizes by participating in group activities such as contests and games!

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