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Four Suit Academy

The one school where everything is run by the student body. The one school where the higher your rank the better your chances.

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King. ♢

Queen. ♡

Jack. ♧

Ace. ♤

Everyone here at the Four Suit Academy strives to have those roles. To be one of those roles you rule the academy and everything within, including the students in your Suit. No one even knows what the prerequisites to be one of those roles could be, it stays between them. No one can even explain why this school had been made in the first place, only that the founder of the school took the whole, school based on a deck of cards seriously.

Everyone knows that the title positions are hereditary in a way. The top position is always held by a Senior of your suit. Many had come to realize that if you were called upon by the top position you were becoming the leader of your year.

For those who were under the King of Diamonds were the Princes, who were known for being the stoic type, the men who spoke few words. These students were the ones who excelled in their studies, the classes that required them to put their brain to the test. Many found themselves acing college level Calc and the like.

Those under the Queen of Hearts were the Princesses. Those girls were well known for their musical ability and anything to do with fashion. You'd normally find the Queen bees, fashionistas and them like under the Queen of Hearts. These students seem to pass and accel at their dance, music and home ec classes. These students are the girls who run the gossip mill and the boys who most guys strive to be.

Those that fell under the Clovered Jack were known as Jesters for a funny reason. Those who fell under this role were usually from two different extremes. The first extreme were those that were the jokers and the ones who play pranks on their fellow students. The other side of the extreme are the antisocial kids who don't get along with anyone but their small group of ‘friends’.

Those that fell under the rule of the Ace of Spades were simply known as the Virtuosos. None under the rule of the Ace specialized in anything. They all came from different walks of life and all excelled at different things. You can find your fighters, caretakers and your librarians just to name a few under the Ace. No one can explain why no one specializes in anything while under the Ace, only that it is to keep them from being to specialized.

There are two roles that are hidden from the academy. They are known as the Jokers, the wild cards of the school. The Jokers are hidden within the Four Factions of the school, and are hidden underneath of another role. The Jokers have no idea why they exist, or why they are needed in their school, only that they were created in case of an Emergency. Jokers, depending on which Suit they are, specialize differently from each other always. Jokers have never been from the same Suit as each other, it would cause too much power in that one Suit.

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Class Competition

Between the four suits there is one big competition that takes place every year. The competition comes in three parts, ones that test every student to their very fullest as a student of Four Suit Academy. The first test is that of their knowledge, their knowledge of everything that they should know at this point in time, even how to survive if you are alone and on the streets. The second test is that of Endurance. The takers of the competition are sent to the woods with only a survival knife, three bottles of water and a handful of ration bars to survive for a week. The final test and part of the competition is only taken by those who have actually passed the first two tests. The last test is a relay race between the four Suits to see who can win and who will become the champion of the year.

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