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In Progress Book Reviewers

Do you have in progress books? Are you intimidated by large, professional looking review groups? If it's only a chapter; if it's close to done; come to review, get reviewed, and/or swap! All welcome!

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Disclaimer: I started this group because I was intimidated by the really big groups. I thought, why not make a group that would review and swap anything no matter how incomplete? And put it right in the description so whoever is trying to find someone to read their unfinished project knew they were safe to ask? So that's what I've done.

I am not a professional editor, nor are my grammar skills of the highest caliber, but I do know I can try! Writing is all about expressing your thoughts or ideas and having a second or third opinion to ensure those ideas come across to readers is always a good thing.  I hope that everyone can get along and get the editing they were looking for by joining this group! 

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Please be respectful of others works. If it's not a subject you enjoy reading, then either don't read it or pay attention to the syntax instead. 
  • Try to be clear about what you would like edited.  If you are getting far along into a project and just want the newest chapter edited, say so. The same goes if you're looking for a specific kind of editing. (i.e. Wanting just grammar edited, or wanting to know if it flows well or not.) 
  • Finished and unfinished works are both welcome. Take the time to peruse other works that are posted, you never know what you might find! 
  • Whatever conversation you post a work in, feel free to post in the others as well! 

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