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Blooded: A Vampire RP

A Vampire RP like you've never seen before. Join at your own risk. (Literate RP)

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~~ T R A N S P A R E N T ~~
blood spatter part 2
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The Van Helen clan lived long, long ago before the beginning of civilization. They, along with twelve other clans, lived in peace among their land underneath one entity that ruled them all. The people were happy and content, until the Great War broke out. The Great War brought chaos to the clans as their entity grew angry with them for idol worship. Many sought that Lucifer had every right to rebel, every right to the powers he wanted to possess. Their entity cursed them for believing such a thing, forcing them to live through reincarnation for years and years. Some rebelled and followed Lucifer through his fall to Hell. Lucifer saw that he could copy his Master, going on to curse his own followers in the same way. 

The clans were split (six to seven) into two different groups possessing different characteristics: The Blue Bloods and The Silver Bloods. 

The Blue Bloods were reincarnated through cycles. After the age of sixteen they would develop a thirst for human blood. They worked together, trying their best to live their lives as close to humanly as possible considering their curse a challenge at life. They possessed high intelligence, wonderful photographic memory, and amazing reflex skills and senses. With this, they lived among humans peacefully. 

The Silver Bloods were the issue. These cruel monsters descended straight from the roots of Hell and loved to cause problems. Not only did they feed off of humans for satisfaction, they were cursed to feed off the blood of the Blue Bloods in order to live. Doing this, the Silver Bloods also consumed souls and memories of those they drained which lead to insanity. A curse of turmoil and misery, Silver Bloods were often found in asylums or as well-known serial killers throughout history. The human population as well as the Blue Blood population decreased when they roamed. 

In an attempt to stop this, The Second Blood War began. The Blue Bloods sought to vanquish the Silver Bloods once and for all so they could thrive in peace. They succeeded and the Silver Blood race was wiped out...

Or, so they thought. That is until a body shows up in a Bronx alleyway with a pentagram above painted from the blood. The catch? It's a young Blue Blood belonging to the Clan of Van Helen stationed in Manhattan. The Committee of the Bloods is terrified. The Elders fear the worse is yet to come. 

Come take a journey into the macabre, the sinister, and the drama. We promise you won't regret it. Unless, of course, you end up lying in chalk. 


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