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Calling All Roleplayers

Yes, if any of you are looking at this now, who still remember, this is Skytop. I'm here, because I've heard the call. You want a new wave of Rping? You got it

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Welcome to those of you reading this now! I don't know how many of you still remember me that are on here, but my name's Skytop, and I was a member of Figment from the wave of 2012. I've been hearing from people as of late, that this site is suffering. Along with others on the site originally, personal reasons and obligations tore me away from the site. Even so, I still remember the fond memories I've had. This place was a community that I loved from the very moment I joined. Although it might not be the same, and although I'm guilty as well of leaving, I would love to help in what way I can to revive Figment.


That is exactly why I've decided to make this group. This place, the people on here, they all gave me something special. A place to express myself. Somewhere that I could take my crazy ideas and run with them. Every roleplay I made and joined, was me getting to be a part of, and share crazy but wonderful ideas with amazing people. So now, I want to give this one more shot. I'm just one person, hell, I'm not an admin or anyone special on this site. But I wanna do whatever I can to resurrect, and bring this site back from where it is now. We've had waves, in 2012 and 2015, this time lets not make it a wave. Lets make it a steady surge. One that will keep building and climbing, growing to new and untold heights.

So for those of you who are interested, and bothered to read this description, I'm asking one small thing of you. Share this with your friends on here who roleplay. Maybe introduce a friend that's interested in rping that's never joined the site. Let's band together and create a strong community, not just for us, but for future roleplayers as well.


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